Monday, March 12, 2012

Land Between the Lakes (LBL) 50 mi Race Report

It was another great run this year at LBL. Met up with Bryan and we ran half of it together. Beautiful weather in the 60s and just beautiful scenery. My main goal was just to finish because I hadn't run much, and a sub-10 time would be nice. Finished in 9:51.

This video will serve as my race report. I wanted to take more footage of the pretty lake and woods but I was too focused on the run at the end.

So because I felt so good, I totally thought I was going to finish around 9 hours, in the top 10-15 overall, and maybe in the top 3 females. Well hot damn! I was 54th place out of like 95. I didn't even know there were 54 people doing the 50 miler. And the first female ran some crazy sub-9 time.

Oh well, I still had fun and it was a good run for me.