Tuesday, March 31, 2009

16 Miles in the Rain

Right when I got to the "start line" I told myself I didn't want to run. It was raining and I was the only one at the park, so why the heck should I run? I just ran yesterday...it won't be a big deal if I don't...and being in my warm house sounds sooo nice.

UGH! I somehow made myself start running and I'm so glad I did. I managed to complete today's goal: 12mi run, 4x.5mi hill repeats (I ran up and down the hill), thus finishing out 16 miles for the day. I felt strong and good and now it's alllll over. Woohoo!

Revitalization- 12 Miles

Yesterday's goal was to run 6 miles, 10 hill repeats, and then do 10 minutes of abs. When I got to the park yesterday, I measured the distance of that hill and it turns out it was .5 miles long. I forgot that after you run up .5 miles, you have to come back down .5 miles and so I knew it would take forever to finish 10 reps. I needed a bike or something to take me down.

Sooo...I ran 2 miles of my course, stopped and did 6 hill repeats (running up and down) and then finished the 4 remaining miles of the loop. I seriously felt SO GOOD while I was running yesterday. It was awesommmme weather out and for some reason I was energized- thank goodness! I needed that boost yesterday.

I thought that at the end of my hill repeats I'd start running slower and slower but I surprisingly just got stronger and stronger. I finally knew I could conquer that stupid, huge hill that I always hated. I then finished the night out with 10 minutes of abs.

This afternoon I'll run 12 miles and then try to finish up the remaining 4 hill repeats.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Possible Explaination to Sluggishness!!

Just two seconds ago I joked around in my comments of my previous post stating that I might be able to blame my sluggishness on my possible anemia. I then checked my email and my friend who is in nursing school randomly wrote me and said that she's been reading my blog and it sounds like I might be anemic.

I participated in a random blood study last week and they drew my blood. I wasn't supposed to talk to them again until September. The nurse ended up calling me the next day and said my sodium and potassium levels are very low and that my hematocrit is low...around 30%. She suggested that I was anemic.

Well, I haven't been eating meat for the past month and a half and I don't ever eat potatoes (unless I'm at a funky hotel restaurant before a race) and I rarely eat bananas...but I thought I did put salt on every piece of food I ate and I always took S!Caps during races of marathon distance or longer (however, that's only once a month at the most). Hmm...

So anyway, I called my friend up (who had emailed me) and talked to her about anemia. She said that if you are anemic, you could be out of breath a lot more and become tired more easily and definitely feel a difference in your energy level.

I don't want to blame 100% of my sluggishness on anemia (that I may or may not have...Dr's visit to come) but it could definitely be a factor in the way I've been feeling lately. It sure would be awesome to start taking some supplements to get my electrolytes back up and then notice a difference.

Any running doctors out there that can confirm or add to this?

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I need some encouragement/words of wisdom/motivation or some strong criticism or slap in the face to wake me up!

Ever since I've been running on my HALF-hilly 6 mile course, I've felt super slow and tired and weak. I've been running a lot slower on this course (maybe 9-10 minute miles compared to 7-8) and it's messing with me mentally. It seems like even though I've been running regularly for over a year now, my training has backtracked or something.

I ran the course 1 time yesterday and it was seriously hard for me to finish it and I was super out of breath. This morning I was planning on running it 3 times, for a total of 18 miles, and I stopped at 12 (even though I knew I would regret it and that I should just keep on going). I think I ran the 12 miles today at a 9:40 pace or something close- YUCK!

I need someone to tell me that it will all be okay and that I will be ready for Boston and I need someone to give me tips or SOMETHING. All of this could just be that I am NEVER mentally tough (and it's hard running by yourself) and so if I just shut up and think about something else during my runs, I'd be fine and we could disregard this whole post. However, if that's not the case...then what is it?

  • Too much training and it's making me too tired? (doubtful!)
  • Not enough [consistent] training?
  • Other non-running-related factors (lack of sleep??)
  • I don't want it bad enough- lack of passion to push myself?
  • I'm just not used to training on hills (even though they're small) and so I'll be "normal" again in a few weeks?

Help me get back in gear mentally and stop thinking negatively and get my butt back in racing shape!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crappy Sprints/ 11 Mile Run

I went to the track yesterday and only did a few sprints. There were soccer players practicing on the field and other runners on the track and I just don't like sprinting when others can see me- I get self conscience and think I'm "sprinting" way too slowly. I know it's dumb of me.

Today my work schedule allowed me to have a few hours break during the day and I took advantage of it and ran 11 miles, flat course.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

12 Mile Run

I ran 12 miles yesterday on a course that actually had some hills on it. The hills weren't even big but they kicked my butt. Dangit! I'm going to try to keep running the same path to get ready for Boston that's in FOUR WEEKS! I'm getting a little nervous...only because of that bet that my boss put on. Yikes!!! I'm going to try to do some sprints today after work to get the legs moving a little bit more.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

10 Mile Run

Yesterday afternoon I went out and ran for the first time since the race. 71 degrees out- very nice. I was planning on just running 2 miles...then I thought I'd do 3...then 4, but 5 sounded better as a number...then 6. After 6 miles, I knew it would take less than 40 minutes to run 4 more miles...and I didn't have any pressing plans....and I wasn't hurting....so I did 4 more miles to complete a nice/easy 10 mile run.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chris is Gettin Hitched/ Geist Half Marathon

Congrats Christopher!! He's gettin hitched on May 16th 2009 and he, the bride, and some of the wedding party have decided to run the Geist Half Marathon that morning. I will also be joining in on the fun and encourage any of you to run it with us (but I doubt that'll get you a wedding invitation). WOOOHOOO!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Land Between the Lakes 60k (not 50m) Race Report Cont...

...in continuation from my previous post:

I just wanted to add a list of all the great food I ate after the race. Afterall, that is the best part about running.
  • 2 pieces of vegetable lasagna
  • cup of vegetable soup
  • crackers
  • 2 breadsticks
  • 2 cookies
  • 2 pops
  • half of a banana
  • coconut ice cream
  • 4 tacos at Taco Bell

I can't wait to run another 37 miles so I can eat all of that again! Oink Oink

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Land Between the Lakes 60k (Not 50m) Race Report

Chris and I drove to KY on Friday night and got to the hotel around 7:30pm or so (6:30pm their time). We were looking for a place to get dinner since there weren't any fast food places or decent restaurants nearby in that tiny county. There was this nasty little restaurant 2 feet from our hotel that Chris said we could go to. I laughed and said "ya right". We drove to the marina where the race starts and saw only one restaurant there, Patty's. Turns out that the whole town would want to eat at Patty's that night and there would be a one hour wait for Chris and I.

We decided we didn't want to wait forever and so we went back to the hotel and unfortunately decided to go to that nasty restaurant by the hotel that I had just made fun of. I tried to not think of how dirty the place would be or how gross it would smell inside or whether the cooks would wash their hands before cooking our food.

We entered and as expected, the air was thick of funky smoke. It had a nice decor full of Gone With the Wind items and also baptismal/confederate flag pictures. Anyway, although the special was "all you can eat- fried catfish" I ordered some potato skins (which turned out to be 3 huge potatoes cut up) and french fries (very healthy) and Chris ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and mozerella sticks. My whole point of this long story is that we ate gross, greasy food the night before the race and left the place smelling like someone who lives in my ghetto neighborhood.

ANYWAY, the race started the next morning and it was about 30-35 degrees out with rain. The first 1.7 miles consisted of running up this road to get onto the trail. For the 50m race (which was what I was planning on), you were to run 4 loops of the 11.something trail (and just 3 loops for the 60k race) and then everyone runs 1.7 miles back onto this uphill, horrible road with traffic/wind flying at you.

I ran the first loop in 2 hours and felt good. I realized I probably ran the first loop too fast when I started the second loop and quickly started walking up more of the inclines than I previously did. At this point I was still planning on running the 50 miles.

The rain made the trails super muddy and slippery and hard to keep your balance. At the end of the 2nd loop my lower back and shoulders started hurting which made me feel weak and mad that I never do any other exercises besides running. Josh had had warned me about this. After the second loop I was tempted to finish right then and make it just a marathon day.

I forced myself on to the 3rd loop and was already counting down the miles/aid stations. About halfway through the loop, I knew I'd quit at 60k. I was getting super hungry yet not wanting to eat much, and my toe randomly hurt really bad (time for new shoes, perhaps), my feet were wet and my shoes weighed 10 pounds each and it wasn't that much fun. (But speaking of being hungry and eating- I did discover a new, awesome running food: Fruit snacks! They were great. I ate two big bags in a few seconds. Yum.)

I knew that I would be able to complete a 4th loop and still finish within the 11hour time limit if I really wanted to, but was it worth it if I would be walking the majority of the time and not enjoying myself much? I didn't think so.

So I finished at 7:22 hours, 9 minutes slower than last year's time. I didn't place as well either; faster runners this year.

I know that sometimes you have good running days and sometimes you have bad running days. However, I'm still worried about some things:

  • Last year when I ran this race, I had only been running seriously for 3 months and it was only my 3rd ultra. This year I have actually been putting in the training miles and I have run over 15 marathons/ultras. Why did I run so well last year and feel well during the whole thing and this year, with more experience, feel like crap the whole time? Not fair.

  • Am I going to be able to finish a 100 Mile Race if I have trouble with 37 miles?

  • Would I have been able to run better if going into it, I was only planning on running the 60k? I think I had negative energy because in my head, I was quitting and so I told myself I couldn't do it and I had to compromise with the shorter race.

All in all, 37 miles is still good and it helped me accomplish March's goal for the Ten More Miles! challenge. However with Mohican coming up so soon, I'm a little scared. I guess all I can do is continue with more hill/speed/miles training!

Continued report here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

4 mile run...tapering

I ran 10 miles last Saturday and then 4 miles yesterday. My calf felt a little sore after each run which was surprising. Hopefully it was just a little stiff and it'll be fine for this weekend. I'll probably run 10-15 more miles this week and then I'll be heading off to KY Friday afternoon. Wish Chris and I luck!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Well CACA!

I got back from WI on Monday, all ready to start running again in the warmer weather, and then on Tuesday morning I got slammed with a bad cold. YUCK! I hate colds! I was able to get a good nap in yesterday and I feel better this morning, so I'm hoping to get out this afternoon and get some miles in. I guess it's a good thing that the cold came after my trip visiting the babies, and before LBL in two weeks (it better not come back!).

Monday, March 2, 2009

March Miles

Should I aim for 50 miles a week now? It might only happen a couple of times this month since I'll be running in LBL's 50 Mile Run on March 14, but perhaps I'll still try for it. That's only 10 miles a day for 5 days a week- that's sounds attainable. Well, we'll see.