Thursday, December 30, 2010


Merry Xmas and Happy New Year! I've been in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA since 12/26 and am staying until 1/3. I finally got in a run this morning for the first time. It was so awesome running right along the beach with all the boats and palm trees and nice weather. I had to watch my pace since it's easy to get carried away and start off too fast. But yes, I feel out of shape. December running was a bust!!

Pics/video to come.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Man, I thought I was a bad arse who could run in the cold weather and snow but I'm not! I'm a loser who can't fit in running. :(

Work has been busy and Jon's knee has been hurting and then it's been freezing and windy and snowy. So, once again I'm slacking on the miles and have only run seven this week so far---three yesterday and four the snow. We were sooo slow on today's 4:45am run- I think it was 10 minute miles. Felt like running up sand dunes.

Anyway, December will be a crappy month. The last week of Dec. we're going to CA so don't know how many miles I'll get in there.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

8 Miles on Treadmill

Jon's knee started hurting yesterday during our cold run (probably because of the cold...) so he took this morning off. I bet Anna again that I had to run eight miles on the treadmill today after work or I had to give her a five minute massage for every mile I didn't do (bets are the only things that work in my life).

So, I got on the dang treadmill and already took a break after three miles. I just can't make it on that thing. Then I had to go to the bathroom so that was another break after four miles. Then I considered quitting but I knew I didn't feel like giving Anna a 20 minute massage (it would have really been 35 minutes because I already owe her 15 minutes from the last bet I lost). So then I did two more miles...then a break...then considered quitting, but finally made it to eight miles because good ole Wheel of Fortune came on and kept me through the end. Woohoo!

Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Cold!

Jon and I took off all of last week from running except for Monday. I could tell I was eating worse and just lazier because I was out of the mood. Dangit.

So this morning we got back at it and went out at 5:05am for eight miles. I guess it was the coldest morning in the past 11 months- 11 degrees out with wind chill of -1 or so. So, I put on some tights and wind pants and then a spandex shirt with winter jacket and a headband. Ugh! Way too many clothes to be running in. I felt like a fat marshmellow who could barely bend their limbs and the junk food from last night didn't help at all. Then you get home with frozen hair and a red body. Oh well. I'm hoping for at least five days of running this week!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Updates: WS Race, Mini-Marathon, This Week's Mileage

Aiight...let's see.

Western States: I decided not to enter the lottery. My heart wasn't in it yet. Maybe someday. (and...I don't want to die from a mountain lion)

Indianapolis Mini-Marathon: Back in the day my dad, sis, uncle, cousin, neighbor, and whoever else would run this race each year. I haven't run it in the past five years or so but for old times' sake, I told my cousin that I would run it with her next year (5/7/11) if she wanted to give it a shot. So, on the last day before the prices jacked up even higher, she told me she registered and so I did likewise. I still can't believe I paid almost $60 for a 13 mile race but oh well. It'll be fun. (I hope to still run Gnawbone the following weekend).

This Week's Mileage: It succccks so far. Only eight measly miles from Monday.
Tuesday: I backed out of the morning run because I was lazy and said I was too tired
Wednesday: Jon and I were both at home ready to go but we didn't make it out because my phone was all messed up and so we couldn't get in touch with each other to confirm. Isn't that dumb? We only live a few blocks away.

I bet my friend Anna that I had to run eight miles after work or else I owed her a 15 minute
massage but when I left work, it was wayyy too windy and cold so I said "screw it".

This morning: Jon cancelled because he's sick. Ohhhh well...I'm at least maintaining some endurance so I'm fine. I did Zumba Tuesday, Wednesday, and will tonight. Woohoo!