Sunday, March 20, 2011

Land Between the Lakes Race Report

Last Friday Bernie and his fam and I drove down to KY for the LBL 50 mile race, which consists of four loops. There were a lot of small rolling hills that were easy to run through but we knew we'd get worn out later on if we didn't walk some. So, thanks to Bryan again, we started with a run 12:walk 2 minute routine, including walking up the bigger hills- felt pretty good.

We started the 2nd loop and were passing people and got in a groove and then bam, at mile 14.5 my darn knee started acting up again. :( The pain wasn't that bad but I knew it was the same injury or problem that I had been having since Swamp. So very sadly to say, I walked to the next aid station and called it quits at mile 16. I've yet to finish the 50 miles on this course.

Since I didn't have my phone and didn't know where Bernie's fam was, I waited at the start/finish line for seven or so hours...but it actually wasn't that bad. It was awesome weather out in the 70s, contrary to my previous LBL races in the snow. I took a nap, cheered other runners on, and just hung out.

Bernie did freakin awesome and finished in 9 hours, faster than the Swamp time that was a flat course! Sawweeet.

Anyway, I'm really hoping that this DNF pays off and that I heal up and am ready for big Gnawbone in May.

But what is wrong with me? Why am I having these dumb leg problems? I'm gettting ollllder.

So stretch, ice (maybe), and strengthen other muscles. Yesterday I was doing that sit-down weight machine that curls your legs and works your hamstrings. It was only on 10 lbs and it hurt all around my knees. What the heck? Does that mean I keep doing it to strengthen something or do I stop so I don't hurt it more? Ay ay ay

Oh well. Here's a little race video for your enjoyment:

Friday, March 4, 2011

Recent Activity

Oh ya...I know how to do it right. We really didn't think they'd be that big...

The week after Green Swamp I went to see Heath-ther and her little babies in WI. I went running for the first time since Green Swamp and my darn knee started hurting again. I think I made it three miles and I stopped a million times during the run to stretch.

So off and on the inside and outside of my knee was hurting and I got a little scared. I continued stretching and it finally (knock on wood) has temporarily gone away.

I made it 34/50 miles two weeks ago (stopped b/c of leg) and then 50 this past week. I'm shooting for 20 miles this week and then on Friday I'm off to the LBL race in KY with Bernie and the fam. Woohoo!