Thursday, December 24, 2009

Recap of Races

In order to keep up with the tradition from 05/08 and 11/08, here's this year's "Recap of Races":

Land Between the Lakes 60k- 3/14/09- I always enjoy this race and will most likely do it again in March. I had intended on running the 50 miles but I wasn't having too much fun sliding around in the snow so I got lazy and quit at the 60k. After reading my race recap again, I realized I ate way too much post-race. Oh well.

Boston Marathon- 4/20/09- Very happy to have completed this race. It was a lot of fun seeing the city and spending time with my friends. I probably won't run it again...just a one-time thing. I lost the bet at work but I had a good time running a consistent race.

Dance With Dirt- Gnawbone 50m- 5/9/09- This race reminded me that the course is very hard and challenging. I had actually trained well beforehand and felt strong the majority of the time; achieving a PR and 1st female.

Geist Half Marathon- 5/16/09- One week after DWD and also the day of Chris and Jamie's wedding!! This was the first time I had run this race. The course consisted of rolling hills throughout rich people's neighborhoods. It was fun but I probably won't run it again. I had an official half-marathon PR.

Mohican 82.5/100m- 6/20/09- Ahhh, the race that burnt me out. My first 100 miler attempt and a DNF at 80 miles on the course; stopping at 24 hours. Crazy you can stay awake that long. I really enjoyed the first 50 miles but my feet blisters were too terrible to make it much longer after that. I'll just have to invest in some expensive socks that work better. Who knows if I'll try this race again; probably shoot for an easier course next time.

Dances With Dirt- Hell 50m- 9/12/09- I basically stopped all running after Mohican so I was very unprepared for this race...but finished the 50 miles because the course was so fun. I love this race and was happy SeƱor Bill helped me get through it; mud and all.

Well I hate being one of those people who waits until the new year to start getting back on track but that's the way I'm playing it this year. By looking at my monthly mileage from this past year, I was averaging around 140 miles/mth for the first half of the year. Not bad. It'd be great to have a goal to maintain 120/mth for all of 2010 but that would take a lot of discipline and motivation. Who knows. I have a race coming up on 1/17/10 and I need to get back in shape!

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year everyone!