Friday, October 29, 2010

Week Recap and Happy Halloween!

Well, darnit! It's funny how you have some good mileage weeks and some not. Jon and I were planning on running everyday this week but for various reasons, we only made it out twice. I'm gonna try to run this afternoon and some on Sat and Sun but I bet I won't get the miles in that I'd like to. Oh well.

Anyway, Happy early Halloween! Eat some good candy and enjoy my costume: OCTOMOM!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mornin Marathon

This morning I ran 13.1 miles with Jon, who is trying to get ready for his first mini marathon in May. I almost ran over a homeless guy sleeping on a step that I didn't see. Man, that would have sucked to have tumbled on him. I'd break a random bone and then I'd become part of his nightmare or something. I did this long, delayed-reaction scream/yell because he startled me and then I felt bad; I had woken him up. Sowwy.

I came home and still had energy so I went back out, planning on running 6 or 10 miles more. Well after 10.1 miles I couldn't just stop and not complete a marathon, so I tacked on 3 more miles and called it a day (and with no more ankle issues, btw).

I've learned that I do much better with long runs if I don't plan them out ahead of time (unless I'm going to be running with someone else, that is). If yesterday I had said I was going to run 13 more miles alone after my time with Jon, I probably would have headed back out and then made a million excuses as to why I was tired or sore and needed to quit. Instead, I went out with no expectations and since I felt good, I kept on going. That's the way to do it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Funky Ankle

Ever since Woodstock, for the past 2 weeks or something, part of my right ankle/heel has been hurting a little bit during my runs. It's usually tight in the beginning and then is fine by the end. When I stretch it (which is pretty much never), it feels super tight like something needs to be worked out. Then I found out that if I run with a better stride and land more on the balls of my feet, it doesn't hurt. Does that mean I've just been slamming my heels down on the ground with every stride? That sounds gross. But now that I put more pressure on the balls of my feet, I got a blister on the top of my left toe. I'll be danged!

So bottom line- can I just keep ignoring it and running differently or do I need to do something about it? Lord knows I don't wanna stretch regularly. And why is it only my right ankle? Weird.