Thursday, April 28, 2011

Another 10

So I'm on day 2 of kid duty and I don't know how people do it everyday! I chose to nap during the kids' nap time yesterday instead of run. Kids went off to play-group today at 9am so I made myself go out for ten miles.

Even though it was sunny and pretty nice out I couldn't make myself enjoy the run. My knee was hurting a little bit the whole time and I just felt lazy. Waaaaaaa.

At least I enjoyed the scenary and even got to stop and see the hubby at his work downtown.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

10 Miles

Woke up at 4:50am again and it was 66 degrees with wind gusts up to 27 mph. Jon and I were tempted to cancel but thank goodness we went out and got ten done. I had a late night Greek burger and ice cream and wine and about five hours of sleep but I surprisingly felt good this morning and didn't puke up any food. Nice, huh? Weird how Jon and I can get 18 miles in in two days some weeks and then 18 miles for a whole week other weeks...

Monday, April 25, 2011


Thank you, sports bra. I look like a freak.

Wet 8 Miles

Woke up tired this morning at 4:50am and had weird dreams last night so I was out of it and did not want to run with Jon at 5am. Was tempted to cancel but thank goodness I didn't. We went out in the rain and ran eight miles and it felt great.

I was disappointed to have only run 38 miles last week but oh well. I'm definitely going to try to spread out my miles this week...maybe run six more tonight.

Jon and my sister are going to HI on Wednesday and I'm gonna get my feet wet with what it's like to have kids. I'll be watching their three kids on Wednesday and Thursday. I was planning out my miles for this week yesterday and already realized that I probably won't be able to run those two days. I could run in the morning before the kids wake up but Jon will be gone and so I'm not gonna go by myself in the dark...and then when my hubby gets home from work, I don't want to make him stay with the kids alone during dinner time while I go run.

Ahh! It'll be hard when I have kids but I'll have to work out something. Anyway...I know I have it good right now with all my free time; that's all I'm trying to say.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

26.2 Run

Jon and I planned on running this morning at 5am; he would do 10 and I would hopefully do 22. Well dangit I missed my first two alarms and thank goodness I woke up to him calling me at 4:58am. I grabbed the clothes and headed out the door in two seconds.

We went down to the canal and around downtown. I was hoping to see a hot pink sunrise but it must have been hiding in the clouds.

So Jon left at mile eight to head home and I was feeling good so far so I kept on.

I was getting pretty tired at the end so I took more breaks...took some pics, stretched, filled up water, and just stood debating whether to cut it at 22 or keep going to a marathon.

Lovely White River on my way home...

And then some beautiful flowers that smelled so good...

I made it home after 26.2 miles, all sweaty and nasty with white salt all over me. No pain during the run; sweeeeet!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Runs Recap, Bernie, Fish Oil/Pain

1) Runs Recap:
I just ran one mile last Sunday; didn't run Monday; was going to run Tuesday + Wednesday in the a.m. but didn't get to because the b-n-law couldn't; and I FINALLY ran 12 miles yesterday (which is sad that it only averages out to four miles the past three days).

I have a 45 minute commute home from work each day. It's crazy that from the first 40 minutes, I am thinking about the run I'm going to do and how many great miles I'll finish and so on. Right at minute 41, one mile before my exit to my running path, I think about how great it would be to go home, sleep, clean the house, watch TV, and not run. Ugh! I always do that...I'll get right to the exit and then say "screw it...I'm not running".

Well that all happened yesterday but somehow I at least made it off the exit to the running path. I parked the car and just sat there. I debated not running again for like three minutes, even though it was beautiful out and there were lots of people out exercising. Ugh.

So, I texted Bernie and begged for help and motivation. Before I heard back from him, I somehow made myself get outside and start running (I was probably thinking about the cinnamon roll I wanted to eat when I got home and I knew I'd feel better if I ran).

Bernie texted back and forced me to keep running. He was just starting his run, too, so we agreed to do 12 miles. Somehow that tiny little text to a person in another city was enough to make me keep running; it changed my mentality immediately. Woohoo! That's what I'll have to do everyday now.

3) Fish Oil/Pain
So a couple weeks ago my cousin said she was having similar knee pain as me. She said she was told to take fish oil to help it. So, I took fish oil, too, for like two days and then just got lazy and stopped. Well I'll be darned, the other day she said she doesn't have anymore knee pain.

Caca. Why didn't I keep up the fish oil? So, I think I'm on day four of taking it again three times a day and yesterday my knee didn't hurt at all. I doubt it has a ton to do with the fish oil, but I'll try anything.

However, my dang calves were sore since I switched my stride last Saturday. Whoops. I know you're not supposed to change your stride but I don't care...I'd rather have my calves be sore than my knees. err?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Monumental run

I had been eating crap the past few days; yesterday morning I woke up at 10:30am, ate a cinnamon roll and had two cups of coffee, went back to sleep...and then at 12:30pm decided I needed to run. Isn't that nasty and lazy?

My goal was to run 22 miles; mainly because that's what my little route from home would equal out to. It was in the 40s, sprinkling, and had winds from 20-25 mph but I was so determined to finish the miles since the most I've been able to run at one time lately was 11.5 miles.

I set out and already at mile two my knees felt tight. I decided I needed to change my stride somehow because obviously the current one wasn't working. I didn't know if I should stretch out the knees and lengthen my stride or shorten it by heightening the knees and almost do butt-kicks. I randomly chose the high-knee stride and I kept it up the entire time.

The stride made me feel like I was running slow, especially against the wind, but I didn't care how long it took me- I was going to make myself finish. For some reason I had the most powerful, detrimental run and I pumped out 22 miles; probably an 8:15-8:30 pace.

It was the best run of my life and I would have shot for a marathon or 50k had I had the time. My knees would tighten everyone once and awhile but I would heighten my knees again and it would go away. I have been so nervous about Gnaw Bone and this run boosted my confidence a ton. If I could just have another 20 miler before the race then I'll be set.

I iced the knees and my quads feel a little sore today, but that's it. I might go run a few more miles this afternoon if I feel up to it.

Indianapolis Bloggers

Hey everyone-

This is a little break from my daily routine to let you know I joined Indianapolis Bloggers. It's a little community of bloggers from Indy; go check them out!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Poor Runner Etiquette

I went running on the canal just now and had my first runner-to-runner collision. :( Of course everyone knows you're supposed to always run on the right side/ pass on the left, especially when you go around turns and under tunnels where no one can see you. I get so annoyed when people don't do that and aren't paying attention and have their music too loud and so on.

Well why was I running on the wrong side today, going around a big curve? I don't know but I smacked right into another guy who was running on the right side. Dangit....I felt dumb and I know he had to be annoyed. We hit hard but luckily didn't fall (probably because of my darn-slow pace) and then we kept going.

Stupid stupid.

Tiempo en España

I was in Spain again from 4/4-4/13 and got some good runs in with my co-worker who was there and runs super fast. He's the guy that I was supposed to be in the Boston bet with in '09 but I backed out.

I should have taken more was beautiful out there and in the 70s everyday. We ran about 55 miles together and only on the last day did my knee feel tight. What the heck?

I did just 2 miles yesterday then Zumba at night and I hope to get at least 6 in today.