Tuesday, May 26, 2009

6 Hot Miles

Woohoo! I actually ran what I had planned to run today- 6 miles. It was freakin hot and humid out... I was soaked. The ice bandana came in handy.

I went over to the n-laws afterwards and they fed us some Greek food that normally would have tasted awesome, but this time (like last time), I wasn't able to eat much of it. Greek just does not go well after a workout.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Last Week's Recap

Mon- Off
Tues- 6mi
Wed- 12mi
Thurs- 10mi4mi
Fri- 10mi
Sat- 12mi16mi
Sun- 6mi

26/58 miles for the week- woohoo! Don't worry...I'll get my butt in gear and start running again.

I made a new friend last week, Bob, and he gave me the confidence I needed to know I can finish this 100 miler coming up. He's run a few 100s before and here are a few tips he gave me:
  • Eat mostly solids for the first 50 miles, liquids during the 2nd 50 miles (I guess at the end of the run, you'll get the calories and protein faster if it's through liquids...if you're drinking protein drinks or something like that)
  • When I'm at the starting line, I need to know and believe I'll finish...no doubting allowed at that point
  • I neeeed to be peeing during the race reguarly (during my previous ultras, it was a goal of mine to not pee at all because I didn't want to stop)
  • Go slow enough in the beginning so I can pass people in the second half...it'll boost my confidence.

When I told him that I was afraid I hadn't been running enough miles per week to be able to finish, he said he normally only runs 25-40 miles a week and was still able to finish the 100s....so that helped boost my confidence. Everyone is different and has differnt training styles and what not....so I know I can do it!!

He told me about ice bandanas and how to make them (see here). I tried them out on my Saturday morning run. Since it was only about 67 degrees out at that time, the cold ice kind of hurt my neck...and I didn't like having something on my throat tied tight...but I eventually got used to it. I bet they'd feel awesome during a super hot run.

So I ran 10 miles Saturday morning and then 6 miles that evening. No miles yesterday. Hopefully I'll get a few in today and get back in the swing of things.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Stuck in the mud!!!

How is it Friday and I've only run 10 miles so far this week? This is one of the weeks where I hate having a blog because I'm embarrassed to say that I'm sick of running and can't make myself right now!!! Ahh!!! Why do I always go through these little stages every other week? I'm just not disciplined enough right now. It's too dang hot out and I have just felt so sluggish and gross...and now I'm beating myself up because Mohican is so soon. I know that if I just get a really good long run in this weekend my confidence will be boosted 100%, so that is my goal: make up the miles tomorrow.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Last Week's Recap

Dangit...I accidentally erased last week's schedule. It's probably a good thing since I skipped out on a couple of runs. Nothing surprising. Instead of run, I chose to clean up the house and work outside in the yard. I fully enjoyed it.

This Saturday I'm going to spend all day working in my backyard, cleaning up the nasty jungle mess that it is. I've learned that I never end up doing long runs on Sunday like I plan so all in all, no big run for me for this weekend. I wish I could make a trip to OH to get some runs in at Mohican but unfortunately due to a number of factors, it won't work out.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Geist Half Marathon Race Report/ Chris and Jaime's Wedding

Chris and Jaime ran the marathon in the morning and then got hitched in the evening! WOOHOO! Congrats guys!

Jaime's friend made up wedding bibs for us all to wear while we ran. A couple people asked if I was getting married and the others congratulated me. Whoops.
I usually don't run half marathons but I did in honor of their wedding. It felt soo good to only run 13 miles and then be able to stop. I wasn't used to that. The unpacking afterwards was awesome too.
So anyway, I had an official PR today: 1:42:42...7:51 minute miles. The course was all paved and all rolling hills. It went through the super fancy, rich houses in the Geist area.
After the race we had a few hours to clean up and then we headed to Chris and Jaime's wedding. It was an awesome time!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

10 Mile Run

Dangit...why can't I ever do sprints? I only scheduled a sprint workout for yesterday to ensure that I'd actually do them...but since I didn't run 10 miles on Tuesday I ended up running them yesterday and skipping out on the sprints. Dangit! Why do I hate them?

Anyway...the 10 mile run was at least good. 1:17 on flat pavement.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dances With Dirt- Gnawbone 50M Race Report

All in all a good run yesterday. I drove down to the race by myself around 4am, checked in, and then met up with Dorn (who I ran with at last year's LBL and Kettle Morraine) and Michele (who I ran some with at this year's LBL).

My goals for this race were to not get lost (unlike last year), finish under 11hrs, maybe finish 1st or 2nd female, and to just enjoy myself.

It had rained on Friday night and so the first 1-2 miles were thick, ankle deep mud. On this course you run 6-7 miles on trail and then hit the first and only drop bag location. You then get on a 17-18 mile loop and do it twice, and then run the last 6-7 mile loop again.

There weren't too many females at the start line. I knew at least 1 of them was in front of me though. I never spent more than 5-10 seconds at each aid station and so at mile 6, I was able to pass 1 female while she refueled.

I kept on truckin and at around mile 15 I passed another female who I knew was in the lead. It was scary passing so early on because I never knew how close behind me she was and she could easily pass me again during the remaining 30+ miles.

So to sum it up: I felt pretty good during the whole race; I was able to keep my pace going (of course I kept looking behind me to see if that 2nd girl was going to catch me);
I ran with a couple guys, Greg and Andrew, for the majority of the race which helped me get my 2nd+ wind; I never used my drop bag or changed my muddy shoes (mainly to save time); I walked some of the last 5 miles because the course was literally full of huge, deep mud/horse crap puddles that no one could run in (unless you're a crazy relay runner who's just running 5 miles), and most importantly- I never got lost- WOOHOO! I tried so hard to pay attention to the course markings. This year the relay runners had a different path than us so it helped having less traffic on the course. I luckily finished first female in 10:19, 10th place overall (results here). Very happy with that time.

As a reminder for myself for next year- the WHOLE course is filled with 5 million little hills and then some really big ones you walk up. There were about 5-6 creek crossings where your feet got soaked on the long loop but it was actually refreshing. The course was a lot harder than I remembered...I think I was blinded last year by my "1st 50 mile race" bliss or something like that. Anyway, it was tough running that kicked my butt. I truly enjoyed my Corona with Dorn and Michele afterwards.

Oh ya- I'm really scared for Mohican now. If the course is anything like Gnawbone, I'll be screwed. Sure I'll be running 15+ minute miles but that's a heck of a course to keep it up for 100 miles, especially in the dark. Ahhh! Why did I sign up for it???

Weekly Recap

Mon- Off

Alright so I didn't stick to this past week's plan at all. Oh well. I was sick and tired and considered it tapering. I did finish the 50 miles at Gnawbone yesterday...race report here. I highly doubt I could run 10 miles today. It's not a matter of running on tired legs, but rather sore legs that feel like I'd break an ankle if I ran. It's a little hard to walk right now.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


No running yesterday. I've had a nasty cold (luckily it's mainly coughing and sore throat) for the past week and I have just been tired. I'm really hoping it'll be gone by this weekend! I thought you were only supposed to be sick in the winter???

Monday, May 4, 2009

Last Week's Recap

Mon- 5mi

Total: 60mi

-This is only the second time that I've run 60 miles in a week...wow. It felt good!
-Yesterday I had an awesome 13 mi run and a new PR for a half marathon (minus the .1 at the end). My time was 1:38.