Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Workout!

I'm embarrassed to say that I only made it 6 miles last week (but at least I'm tan now though, right?). I just hope I don't finish dead last in my upcoming race.

I biked and ran 6 miles this morning before work and it felt great! Now I'll have Zumba in a few minutes, and then I'm vowing to run at least 9 miles again today after work. Gotta do it!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Lazy Week!

Dang; how did I run the same low amount two weeks ago with a gimpy leg as I did this past week with a fine leg? I was lazzzzy and each day I didn't feel like running, especially in the heat. I went out last Saturday wearing 5 tons of running gear (music, 2 water bottles, berries, PB crackers, salt, etc), hoping to run 12-18 miles to bump up the weekly mileage, but I ended up only running 2.5 miles....just didn't feel like it. Caca.

This week's mileage will probably be low again, too, since I'm going to the beach from this Friday-Sunday. Wooohooo!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DWD Devil's Lake 50 Miler

Alright, I'm registered for the 7/10 race in WI! This DWD race will be a new one for me. They cancelled the race a couple of years ago; I think because they got a ton of rain and they had sewage problems or something and all the poop from the Port-o-lets starting leaking. Is that right?

Anyway, I'll go up on Thursday night to spend some time with Heather and then drive back that Sunday. I feel like I should be able to fork out some slow miles, as long as I make sure to warm up the leg beforehand. Four weeks away---Vamos a ver!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Exercise

Biked an hour to Bripple this morning; ran 13.3 miles in 2 hours in the POURING rain (leg felt better the second half); biked back home and as I approached downtown, I ran right into the works of a Gay Pride parade with people in costumes and crowding the streets--- or something of the sort... it was a little awkward. It'd be nice to finish up a 50 mi week tomorrow.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

PT & A hot mess run

I had PT yesterday and I'm told to still hold off on ultimate frisbee for now; not 100% cleared yet. We agreed that the PT sessions are forcing me to cross train and stretch and they're still helping my recovery anyway, so I'm going to keep going for a little bit. Mo money down the hole.

After PT I headed to the canal for another run, not having any particular goal in mind (although I thought it'd be nice to do 18). I didn't eat much all day and I didn't have water or food on me so the run wasn't too pleasant.

I stopped at the IN State Museum every 10 minutes to take a water break and then had to sit down a few times to rest at the end. I had run 15 miles and was struggling to keep going because I was exhausted so I decided to drive real quick to the gas station and buy some food, then finish the last 3 miles. I picked up my favorite foods (pretzal combos, cinnamon poptart, and blue Gatorade), ate them in 2 seconds, and drove back to the canal. I was about to finish the mileage when I decided to go hang out at the frisbee field since I had already been gone a couple of hours.

Then when I got to the field I felt all nasty and sick and still hungry so afterwards I left and picked up an awesome, huge burrito from Qdobas. Then I got home, ate some, and still felt nasty and tired and fell asleep on the floor---then went to bed in my filth with salty legs and nappy hair. Trifling!

So anyway, I made it 15 miles and the good news is that my leg never hurt; I was just too tired. I don't know if it was worth all the pain and moaning though.

I woke up this morning and was still hungry so I finished last night's burrito then headed on the bike with the b-n-law and went downtown, ran 3 tiring miles with the burrito at the tip of my throat, then biked home. Now I need coffee.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back up and running!

I think I am just about all healed up (knock, knock!!)! Each run seems to get a little better. I finally ran a good 6 miles last Monday; the first 3 at an 8:37 pace and last 3 at an 8:00 pace. I ran 2 miles yesterday morning and then 4.25 this morning, sub 8:00 pace. It feels so great to get back out there and it's hard to be patient and take it slowly. Today might be my last physical therapy apt...we'll see what he says.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Morning Workout

Biked for 1 1/2 hours at 5:30am; walked the dog for 20 minutes; then ran 10 miles at a pace just shy of 10 minutes. Slow and steady. The good thing was I wasn't in any pain; woohoo!!! I hope I'm not ramping up too soon. Maybe I'll be ready for 50 miles in July??????

Friday, June 4, 2010

5 Miles!

They were a very slow 5 miles but I pumped them out yesterday on the treadmill. First four miles at a 10 minute pace, last mile at 9:15. I wanted to take it slow to ensure I made it and I did with no pain; just tiny pressure at the end. I had to warm up for about 15 minutes beforehand and I think that'll just have to be part of my routine when I run now. :(