Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lazy Summer Bum

Do I ever want to start to run again? Not running is so great. I love coming home and not feeling pressured to run and then shower and then have no life left after work.

I'm in a dilemma though because one of my favorite races, DWD Hell, is coming up in six weeks or so and I've run about 15 miles total since my last race at Mohican. Dangit. I could opt for the 50k instead of the 50m but who wants to do that? Me divertí demasiado la última vez con Señor Bill.

So anyway, I was at camp last week and as a counselor who sometimes likes to run, I was asked to lead the group of kids for a 20 minute run each morning. So, I ran about 2.5 miles four days last week and that's about the extent of my running. Whoop whoop.

Am I the only lazy one around here? What is your motivation for running right now? Help me out now.