Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tennis, Zumba, Ultimate Frisbee

Slowing but surely I think the leg is coming along. I played tennis last Monday and the little sprints hurt; Zumba was awesome and fun on Tuesday; and ultimate frisbee on Thursday was medium. I couldn't run in the beginning so I took a half hour off and then got back in. I wasn't 100% but I was able to run a little more and it felt good. I was going to try to run 2 miles tomorrow for the first time but I think I'll wait. I went ahead and cancelled the Gnawbone race in May. :( :( :(

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gimpy Gimp

Why did my leg jack up for the first time that I actually got in a running groove since eight months ago? I actually had five consistent weeks of good miles and then BAM. Nothing. Whhhhaaaaa!

I have never been one to stretch before I run...not for races and not for anything. I'm just too lazy to do so and since I've never had any running injuries or pulls or anything, I thought I was good to go. So, that's why I'm a little shocked that I pulled something even though it may be normal for a lot of runners. I just liked being in my naive world, I guess.

So speaking of stretching, I've been doing little stretches for the past couple days and I think it's helped a little. I can finally balance on the injured leg without it hurting anymore so that's progress. I hopped on the treadmill yesterday just to see how it'd react and I managed to make it .1 miles at about a 15 minute pace. Sweet.

I'm getting a little nervous because my favorite race, DWD-Gnawbone, is coming up on May 15th and I don't want to miss it. I've also just recently been considering running Kettle again in June, and perhapppps Oil Creek.

Heal, leg, heal!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Injured :(

I ran 18 miles last Saturday on a flat, plain course and at around mile 13 or so, the inside of my upper thigh started killing me for some weird reason. I kept running through the pain but it was difficult.

I tried to run 4.25 miles yesterday to complete a 50 mile week but I couldn't make it past 1 minute. :( I was immediately limping and in pain.

I had today off work and was planning to get a great run in to start off the week but my leg still hurts. What the heck happened to me? My family says it's just because I've been running more lately but I'm not running thattt much and other people run more than me and are fine. I've never been injured before so this is weird and definitely frustrating to take time off. I'm hoping that I'll be good to go by Wednesday.