Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Winter Run for Regis 50k----Bye Bye Winter Buckeye

*Ignore this post. I've learned from Nick's comment that the course won't be like the ole Winter Buckeye that I remember. :(

In order to maintain my "completed races" tab, I signed up for another race: Winter Buckeye 50k. It's on January 17 and fills up super quickly. I ran it in January '08 (race report here) and I believe it was my third ultra. It's a very fun course that consists of a five mile portion and then an eight mile portion that you repeat. However, if it didn't offer such a cute shirt I don't know if I'd drive 4+ hours to run it (and no, I don't like the color "Happi"). Anyway, I might start running in a month or something to prepare. Who knows.