Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weekly Mileage/Pre-Race Stuff

Wow...almost been a month since the last post. Things have been busy.

I was at camp a few weeks ago in good ole Bedford, IN. Even though we had a busy schedule there, I took advantage of being off work and got some good runs in on the boring hilly path. I think I ran about 5x/wk (which is good for me), averaging anywhere from 3-10 miles a run.

Last Saturday I woke up at 2:15am and then ran 17 miles with Chris at 3am. It had been so long since I've done a long training run that I had forgotten everything I even needed for a "long" run. The run was mediocre. It was nice because the whole thing was done in the dark so when I got home, it felt like a whole new day and that I hadn't even run (Of course I went back to sleep for a few hours but oh well). However during the run, I just didn't feel super good and my legs were a little weird. I'm glad I did 17 though because now (knock on wood) I got that out of my system and hopefully I'll be good to go in a couple of weeks for Silver Lake.

I realllly meant to get a small run in last Sunday but I didn't. I ran 3 measly miles this past Monday and then hopefully I'll get in maybe 5 this afternoon. The weather has been pretty awesome lately and I hope it stays this cool for the race.

Speaking of, I finally booked a hotel near the MI park where the race is and I'm really looking forward to it. The area is supposed to be beautiful. I signed up for the 50 mile race. If I only do 50k, oh well.

So basically my toenails that have barely started to grow back will now be damaged and destroyed again and all of that growth will go down the drain. Pretty pictures of them coming soon.


Brian said...

Where did you run at camp - did you turn right or left when you exited the camp? I would think about doing that every single night before I went to bed. "Hey, maybe I'll get up tomorrow and run with Clara or Kurt or just by myself." Then the morning would come and I remembered how each morning when I wake up is the worst moment of my life. Needless to say, I never ran once.

Do you run better in the morning or the evening? Do you ever do 2 runs in one day or is that bad for your body?

Clara said...

Hola Wellifitisn'tBrianMcfourfour. I would mainly turn right outside of the camp and then run up these huge hills and around random stray houses. I would have been scared if I wasn't with Maria and Anna. Sometimes I turned left by myself but then I'd stop soon cause I got scared by the cemetary. It was like in a movie...old creepy hillbilly houses.

I really prefer to run at night but I never do since I don't like to go by myself in the dark. Sooo...I usually end up running really early because it's convenient and it tends to work out okay. HOWEVER, I've noticed that if I run at night I'm more likely to eat better during the day because you don't want all this junk food bobbling in your stomach while you run.

I never have run twice in one day but I'd like to if I didn't have a life. I think it'd feel good and what not...I've heard a lot of ultrarunners say they do that and I just don't know how they have time to do so. I guess if you continue to take care of your body and eat the right things then you'll be fine. That's my philosophy anyway.

Brian said...

Are you running 100k or 100mi any time soon? Is that harder than doing an Ironman?

Clara said...

I don't think I'll run a 100k or 100mi this year. I wanted to get a 100mi race in but there aren't any reasonable close to home so I'll wait until next year. There was one I wanted to run in OH but it was the same day as when we were at camp- so I didn't do it.

I always thought an Ironman was harder than an ultra-marathon but after talking to Chris, it might be the same toughness. He said he talked to some people who had done an Ironman and they couldn't believe how people could run for 50+ miles...and that's what I say about them and their crazy races.

I bet it's just a matter of training then and spreading your time out differently. Obviously I'd be screwed since I only like to spend 4 hrs/wk on training.

Maybe I'll do a triathlon in the future but right now I doubt it. I had fun with April at that sprint one and when we were famous in the paper.

Brian said...

I still have the picture. Wasn't that taken right after you threw up? LOL