Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lazy Summer Bum

Do I ever want to start to run again? Not running is so great. I love coming home and not feeling pressured to run and then shower and then have no life left after work.

I'm in a dilemma though because one of my favorite races, DWD Hell, is coming up in six weeks or so and I've run about 15 miles total since my last race at Mohican. Dangit. I could opt for the 50k instead of the 50m but who wants to do that? Me divertí demasiado la última vez con Señor Bill.

So anyway, I was at camp last week and as a counselor who sometimes likes to run, I was asked to lead the group of kids for a 20 minute run each morning. So, I ran about 2.5 miles four days last week and that's about the extent of my running. Whoop whoop.

Am I the only lazy one around here? What is your motivation for running right now? Help me out now.


Arthur said...

Nope, I'm so lazy, I never started running. It might be easier for you to run when your husband starts up school again, since you might start getting bored when you get home from work. Then you can run to avoid having to do any kind of house/yard work. Now that's motivation.

Randy said...

I've heard that tennis is a great replacement sport for runners who are feeling ambivalent about continuing . . . I've never known a tennis player who had to make disclaimers before he/she got a pedicure . . . hmmmmmmm . . . YEAH ! TENNIS -- that's the ticket!

Chris said...

I have to run every morning (or at least walk the same distance) or my dog is nuts all day and drives my wife crazy...

So, you could get a dog to have to run in the morning and then you'd have some external motivation! ;)

Unknown said...

yep...been lazy...and yep...have Hell coming up too.
I've been doing other training but just need the time on my feet and I'll be good.
It might be a slogfest, but you'll get through it.

Anonymous said...

Motivation to run :

1) Upcoming race which requires running practice. No running practice = a bad feeling at mile 37...
2) The feeling of health and energy one feels during and after a run.
3) Passing all the beauty and strangeness of the world on foot - much more interesting than from a car window.
4) You get to work on your tan and muscle tone at the same time.
5) When you toe the line in Hell, you will have a supreme sense of confidence which comes from all the training you did prior to the race.

Good luck!


Chris said...

Seems pretty natural to me to not run if you don't have a goal or a plan. You ran with no problems when somebody else made a plan for you (20 minutes at camp).
If you want to run, then pick a race far enough out to prepare adequately for. Then make a schedule.
If you just want to stay in shape, summer is great for playing all sorts of sports: tennis, biking, swimming, ultimate, disc golf, bag toss, horseshoes... whatever.

Clara said...

Thanks guys! Good tips. Maybe I'll just register for Hell right now and see what happens in this next month. I'll try to wing it! :)(you too, Nick)

sparlingville bill said...

Sra Clarita
Por fin te despiertas. Yo creia que la angustia de cumplir SOLO ochentycinco millas te habia traumatizado hasta la punta de no poder escribir.
Claro que yo tengo bastante anticipacion para DWD, la ultima vez fue una de mis mejores memorias de mi carrera. Lo que no se es si te puedo seguir esta vez.
Creo que tus vacaciones este verano te van a servir en el sentido de descansar las piernas.
Espero verte @DWD.

Clara said...


jaja. ay ay ay, hombre. No tendrás ningún problema en "seguirme" porque no he corrido ni caminado por tanto tiempo!!! Vamos a ver que pasa. Dudo que pueda correr 50 millas...tal vez 50k. Quién sabe. Pues, nos vemos en unas semanas!!

Unknown said...

Clara, you told me to let you know if I found somthing that works for blisters.......I think I found it. Bodyglide on the feet and Drymax V3 socks. Actually, I think any dual layer sock will work. Try the body glide though. Not one sign of a hotspot.
I changed socks at mile 21 and dried my feet, then reapplied the bodyglide. The effort is worth it as you know.

Jo Lynn said...

I like to eat, so I make myself run. I must earn my food! ;)

Clara said...

Nick- Thanks for the tip. I'll invest in those. I always put Body Glide on my feet but that obviously wasn't enough.

Jo Lynn- I'm right there with you! I usually always try to run just so I can eat junk but as you see from my last post, running never really worked (as least not with actual weight loss).

Anonymous said...
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