Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Winter Run for Regis 50k----Bye Bye Winter Buckeye

*Ignore this post. I've learned from Nick's comment that the course won't be like the ole Winter Buckeye that I remember. :(

In order to maintain my "completed races" tab, I signed up for another race: Winter Buckeye 50k. It's on January 17 and fills up super quickly. I ran it in January '08 (race report here) and I believe it was my third ultra. It's a very fun course that consists of a five mile portion and then an eight mile portion that you repeat. However, if it didn't offer such a cute shirt I don't know if I'd drive 4+ hours to run it (and no, I don't like the color "Happi"). Anyway, I might start running in a month or something to prepare. Who knows.


Brian said...

I just read this article about marathon running: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704252004574455331050172834.html?mod=wsj_share_digg. It seems you are the exception because you have kept up the running. Good job! I'm more like the 61 year-old from Florida I guess. It's so true how you can burn out with running. It has been so tempting for so long, that's why sometimes I try to consciously not push myself, know what I mean? But that's just me - I am more prone to burning out on things.

Anyway, good luck on the winter buckeye 50k!

Nick B said...

Hey Clara,
You know it's not on the BT anymore and won't be anything like the old course, right? We had too much conflict with Boston Township and the ski resorts during that time and they wouldn't issue us a permit this year. So, it'll still happen on the same weekend but will be the Winter Run for Regis...still a 50K, for sure, but no more Buckeye Trail. An "unofficial" Winter BT50K may emerge, though...who knows.

See you there!

Clara said...

Brian- Interesting article. And no, I haven't really kept up running this last half of the year...I've been slacking! The article's true about the weight lost thing- I always think that I can keep eating the same amount of calories after a race when really, I'm just lazing around like a cat.

Nick- Crap! I knew the name of the race had changed but I didn't realize the course had too. Nuts! Time to erase this blog post then. Do you know where the new course will be and what it'll look like?

Nick B said...

It'll be run throughout the Virginia Kendall area...much of where the Fools 50K is run and Run with Scissors...Ledges Trail, Salt Run, Pine Grove, etc. The race app (that you sent in, right) talks about it and where the race start/finish is. I'm mailing my registration today. It will sell out for sure...probably within this next week or so.

Anonymous said...

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