Friday, March 4, 2011

Recent Activity

Oh ya...I know how to do it right. We really didn't think they'd be that big...

The week after Green Swamp I went to see Heath-ther and her little babies in WI. I went running for the first time since Green Swamp and my darn knee started hurting again. I think I made it three miles and I stopped a million times during the run to stretch.

So off and on the inside and outside of my knee was hurting and I got a little scared. I continued stretching and it finally (knock on wood) has temporarily gone away.

I made it 34/50 miles two weeks ago (stopped b/c of leg) and then 50 this past week. I'm shooting for 20 miles this week and then on Friday I'm off to the LBL race in KY with Bernie and the fam. Woohoo!


Rebecca said...

I'm not much of a runner, but I can appreciate that picture. I love ice cream! Wish I was motivated to run. :(

I really love your blog! Got here through Indianapolis Bloggers. Good luck in the mini! Maybe I'll see you there (will be "running" it too, though it's more of a walk for me for sure).

Clara said...

Thanks, Rebecca. Have fun at the mini!