Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Latest Workouts/ Races

Yesterday was the first day back at running since Mohican. I ran 4.25 miles in the morning, did Zumba in the afternoon, and then another 1.75 miles to call it six for the day. The legs were pretty tight; I definitely should have been stretching this past week.

I'm doing Zumba again today, maybe run 1-2 miles afterwards, and then ultimate frisbee tonight. Whoop whoop. Last time at frisbee my little running app said we did a total of three miles; not too bad.

So, even though I did not like Devil's Lake I decided to sign up for it again on July 9th. I figured it'd keep me running through the summer and it'll keep me on track with all four DWD races. Annnd because I don't like the DNF feeling I signed up for Hallucination 100 miler again in September. I'll probably get bored with the course again but heck, at least I know I can finish it. I think we'll have the whole crew there again for both races: Bernie, Bryan, and maybe Chris and Bill. Sweet.


shannon said...

I clicked the "next blog" link and found your blog. Initially I thought it was a blog in Spanish, which is all good - I speak some Spanish too.

Love your blog! I would like to venture into ultras but have been sidelined with injury this year. My idea of an ultra, however, is a 50K; 100 miles still would require a mode of transportation with a combustion engine! :)

Chief Tim said...

I've been thinking. With weight lifting, which is a little more my forte, the resting, along with dieting, are two HUGE components. When I read how much you train I wonder if you get enough rest for your body to recover and build the muscles you broke down.

Right now, I'm lifting only 3 times a week one hour each workout. When I was in college I lifted four days a week at 2 hours a workout. So much less lifting now. I can already tell my body is responding much better to me getting much more rest and spending less time in the gym. I wonder if that can apply to your running.

Running gets a little funny though because you're training for endurance as well and I am not. I bet that throws the amount running you need to do. What do you think?

Clara said...

Hi Shannon- thanks for visiting. I've recently had a few leg injuries or kinks and so that's why I've started the P90x exercises so I can strengthen my whole body...we'll see how it goes. Don't worry, after you master the 50k you'll be on to 50 milers and 100s. :)

Tim-Buck: As we talked, I'm so confused on what to do with training. I don't think running is an issue since I've been averaging one run a week. In terms of doing P90x and Insanity and Zumba- who knows. I never get sore and I feel like I have the energy to do it so I do it. One of the P90x options is to do a double workout each day. When I saw that, it made me think that my current "training" is fine. However, maybe I'm not keeping up with the right food though. I need a psychic to tell me what to do!

Chief Tim said...

This is not spam:

The first and last links are calculated for someone 145 lbs-150lbs. The others are at my weight, 225.

I could keep going...

Clara said...

#1, This is not spam.
#2, If you think I'm 150 lbs then I'll start doing 3 workouts a day instead of 2.
#3, I owe you $5