Thursday, January 3, 2008


This race was not very fun. It was cold outside, the whole path is super muddy and wet, and the course itself was not very interesting. Who knows- maybe it was just a bad run that day. I didn't really have any serious goals for this race. I ran the Lakeshore 50K (flat and paved) in 5:06 so I expected to finish this trail run about an hour later.

The race consists of three 10+ loops- it was about 32-33 miles all together. The course was completely covered with mud. I hope my shoes aren't ruined. I was told I made a rookie mistake- wear old shoes! Your socks get soaked after about a mile, too. You literally run through water about 1 foot deep- you can't always jump across it. Don't bother bringing a change of socks and shoes because they will immediately get soaked again after you change. I now have a bunch of cuts around my ankles from where my wet socks rubbed up against my skin.

The race is not very hilly, thankfully. The hills during the Tecumseh Marathon were a lot steeper, narrower, and harder. A couple of times there are big hills where you have to be careful not to fall down- it's all mud and ice and very slippery.

I was feeling pretty good for the first loop. I was able to talk to some people for a few miles so that helped. I finished the first loop around 1:40. I was lazier during the second loop, running a lot slower. I started to get bored because #1 the course, #2 I was alone for a good part of it. At this point I started walking more and not really caring. Right after I finished my second lap, I almost just walked to my car and quit. It was a bad run, I had already run 20+ miles and I did not have any motivation to finish. I started the third loop by eating a lot of food and walking. I had no mental strength and I kept telling myself I wanted to quit (even though I knew I shouldn't and it wasn't helping). At this point, I didn't know how I was going to keep going.

Luckily after about one mile, these two men ran by and talked to me for a second. They weren't running too fast so I decided to try to stay with them. SOMEHOW I was able to keep up with them and I didn't even think about stopping at all. All I needed was a distraction. We easliy ran about 8 miles together, and then they took off. I had enough motivation/energy to finish the race on my own but not enough care to not walk and make a good time.

I finally finished at 6:05- which is fine my me. Although I enjoy the two trail runs I've done so far, I miss having a quicker time on a flat surface. :) I'll just have to get better. I need to make myself train more on trails and also work on sprints. Two things I don't do now and I've said I needed to do for about 4 months. Whoops.

I'm glad I finished and didn't quit- but it wasn't the most fun. Oh ya, I went to the YMCA afterwards- only to take a cold shower! No hot water. I was freezing but tis life.

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