Thursday, January 10, 2008

No Boston for 2008

Welp...I decided last night that I'm not going to try to qualify for Boston this year. I haven't really trained for it at all to come close to a good time. There's a church retreat the same weekend that I think I should go to instead. Next year I'll be done with school so I can put forth more effort into getting a qualifying time (unless I do this fall???) and do Boston then...or not.

I finally made a bet with some friends that starts next week. In mine, I said that I have to do sprints 1x/wk, hill repeats 1x/wk, and then run three other times. Good luck. I don't really want to make my schedule like that because I know it'll be hard to fit it in sometimes, but I need to so I can improve.

I did some hill workouts last weekend and it felt great. Eagle Creek trail hills are HARD and AWESOME! Too bad I don't live closer to the park so I can make myself go each afternoon. Oh well.

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