Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tough Training

Well I definitely thought I'd be running more in the summer than in the winter and so far I've been very wrong.

Why did I run a crapload when it was freezing outside and I couldn't feel my fingers and I was bundled up and now that it's warmer it's been hard to run? I think one big reason is after Kettle, I just took a huge break- which I wasn't used to. AND- I wasn't going to have a race for 1+ months- which I wasn't used to. Regular races motivate me to keep running during the week, but also make me slack on keeping up with my long weekend runs.

Another reason is that IN summer weather sucks and the humidity is horrible!!! If I lived in beautiful CA all the time like some of you do, things would be muchhh better. If only...

Basically, I don't have much discipline.

Part of why I haven't written in awhile is because I've been too embarrassed to say I've averaged 1 run/week so far for the past 1+ months. Ohhh well. I still have until August 23rd (Silver Lake 50/50) to get back in shape. I don't know which distance I'll choose.

Last Thursday I got a good 5 mile run in at the canal. It was nice to run out all of that lactic acid and go fast. Then last Friday I ran about 8 miles at the canal. I was a little rusty starting out since I hadn't run much lately and I wanted to go faster than I should have. I had to keep telling myself that I am only running for myself. I like running and it's a fun sport. No one is forcing me to run. It sounds silly but telling myself that seriously helps me mentally with my speed. Once I remember why I'm actually running, I'm able to pace myself more easily and I don't mind slowing down.

After my run I did about 15+ running hill repeats and then I decided to do about 10+ walking hill repeats. I always notice and talk about how fast some runners can walk up big hills during races while I'm hunched over trying not to die. And I always ask people if I should practice running up hills more to increase my walking speed, or if I should practice walking up hills...
I just decided to start walking up them and I surprisingly found myself trying not to run up it. It was pretty hard walking up it but I can already tell it'll increase my speed if I keep it up. My calves are sore from just a few repeats.

Now it's Tuesday and a few days have passed since the last time I ran. Dangit. One day at a time.

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