Friday, June 27, 2008

Dances With Dirt - Devil's Lake CANCELLED

That's sad....I just got an email today saying the dwd-Devil's Lake race that was set for August 9 is cancelled, "...due to the amount of parking and trails used, and the impact to low and wet ground".

What does that mean? "The amount of parking and trails used"??? Does that mean there's not enough parking space for all the runners or there's too much trail to track down or what?

I kept reading the email they sent me and it says, "...flooding demolished roads, trails and messed up the sewage system". That's gross. "...messed up the sewage system"? Yuck. That'd be disgusting to be running for 10 hrs in the hot, humid August sun with poop melting onto your shoes. Haha.

Well nuts...that stinks.

I don't have to find a race during that week but I'd like to, since it's been over a month since my last race and I don't want to wait until August 23rd. Any suggestions?


la mama said...

Devil's Lake State Park is where my entire family camps every Father's Day weekend and because of all the rain we got the weekend of your crazy race, the lake and creeks overflowed and flooded everything. The entire park had to close because of the water levels and unsanitary water supply. I wouldn't want to run there if I were you. I've heard the bugs are bigger and badder than ever and it stinks! Hope you find another, more sanitary race to run!

Clara said...

That's nuts! I'm glad you mentioned the bugs being bad...I forgot about that. That thought alone makes me glad that the race is cancelled.