Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekly Mileage Thus Far

  • I knew I needed to average more than 1 run per week so after the race, I had a nice good run on Monday (8/25). My legs were still sore so I didn't want to run that much, but I made myself go and I was glad I did. I probably ran for about 5 miles and it felt good to get all that junk out of my muscles.
  • On Tuesday I ran for about 7 miles and it was pretty nice out.
  • I had intentions to run on Wednesday and Thursday but I didn't.
  • On Friday I planned on having a good 45min-1hr run downtown. My CamelPak was still full with water (and a tiny bit of Gatorade) from the race on 8/23. The water stayed in it until I emptied it some time on 8/24. I didn't wash it, I just hung it upsidedown to dry. I figured it was fine. On Friday (8/29) when I attempted to go run, I took a drink out of the Pak and almost puked. It was the nastiest taste I've ever tasted. It wasn't just a rusty, old water taste. It seriously tasted like a moldy, old dog. There was probably some nasty green mold in there growing. That ruined my run for me. Since I didn't have water to make it on a long run, I decided to just run around the park a lot. Since I get bored with the same old path, I decided that I really didn't feel like running anymore and I quit after 2 miles. Bad pattern.
  • On Saturday I wanted to run but I didn't make it out.
  • On Sunday I had a good 7 mile run. It was so nice outside in the morning.
  • Yesterday I ran for about 5 miles. I ran on the canal and it was nice outside and sunny and pretty. Good to have a day off work.
  • 4.6 miles on Wednesday, 9/3
  • Hopefully I'll be in good shape for the race this Saturday!!!

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