Thursday, September 10, 2009

DWD- Hell 50M Attempt/ Awesome Training

Welp...I thought that signing up for a race would motivate me to start running but nope, it hasn't. DWD-Hell is this Saturday and I'm hoping to make 5 out of the 50 miles. I don't really care, actually, how I do...finish or not finish; just gonna wing it. I'm still lovin my sabbatical right now. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the awesome mud bogs and such like last year and mainly just laughing at SeƱor Bill again as he gets stuck.

I ran 6 miles last Saturday with Tim and it was pretty tough (that makes 22 miles since June. nice.). We didn't bring any water and it was kinda hot so I'll blame it on the rain, yeahhh yeeahh. huh?

I've been playing tennis about once a week and I swear that during the first 20 seconds of it, my heart beats faster than it ever has in my life. No joke. That's sad. ANDDD, I have realized even more so that I'm in no way a sprinter. I can't even run up and hit the net shots because that means I have to run faster. It's funny; I am just not used to it. How do pros run up and do it all the time? Am I some slow machine that can't move?

Why did I have to halfway follow the Weight Watchers diet in order to lose 7 pounds? I told you that running doesn't make me lose weight (or change dress sizes) doesn't do jack for me. And don't say that I'm just gaining muscle and muscle weighs more. I run (ran) a million miles and it takes stupid Weight Watchers to lose 7 pounds. Now watch me run this race this weekend, think I'm healthy again for running, eat a crapload of frostys and what not, and then gain back my 7 pounds. Aww.

Alright...wish me luck this weekend!


Unknown said...

GOOD LUCK!! You are one brave girl.

Unknown said...

Good luck. I'll be there and unless my body has a different plan, then I am going to finish this race.
I need the Bragging Rights.....Right?

It is a shame that all the miles we put in and the exercise we do that our body's become efficient at burning calories and we cannot lose any more weight. I'm in the same boat.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck, La Corredora! Hope you do well, just do what you can and have so much fun!

I was planning to run this race but I have to stay home and watch the pets this weekend :( Instead I get to run the North Country Woods 50 miler next weekend, oh well, that should be fun, too! :)


DrT said...

Good luck! :)

bagdaddy said...

Have fun with that 50...Geez

You should run because you love to run not to lose weight. if you simply run to lose weight you will get discouraged instead run to enjoy the freedom and release that running offers.

sparlingville bill said...

Sra Clarita,
Fue un placer pasar el dia contigo @DWD. Espero que llagaste bien despues de manejar las cinco horas a tu casa. Acabo de chequear los resultados y no podia encontrarlos todavia.
Con mucha anticipacion espero leer tus comentarios sobre la carrera de esta vez.