Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November Miles!!!

I have finally run a total of three times since my last race in September:
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: 25 minutes of random running; some hills
Monday: 3 miles

Since my relapse I've lost 1/7 of my whoopty whoop followers. Sowwwwy. Slowly but surely I'll get back into the groove. Maybe I'll get 5 miles in today. I'll leave you with this nice photo in the meantime.


Unknown said...

I didn't realize you had tried a 100 miler yet. It was when I was hiding from the world (aka: studying for the MCAT). If you haven't picked one yet you should think about doing Rocky in Feb. It's kind of a haul for you but it's a *easy* course!

Clara said...'s tempting. You think I could be ready in 3 months? I can't believe 112 people have already signed up for it.

Unknown said...

Yeah, around 500 or so signed up last year. The start is pretty hectic - but, it forces you to go out slow. I ran it on very minimal training and did ok: 24:38. I think in 3 months you could be ready, even with your recent extended hiatus. It's a fun race all-around with so many people and crews it's hard to get bored/demotivated during the race.

I guess the real question is: how much running can you get in over the holidays and winter months?

Clara said...

I'm the queen of running races without training so maybe it would work.

I noticed on your Rocky [lack of] report you said you only ran 50/100miles. Did you really walk 50 miles and still finish in 24 hrs?

If I did this race, I'd most likely go alone since no one would want to buy a plane ticket...hmm. Maybe there are random texans who'd want to run with me?

Unknown said...

Hmmm, I ran 50/100 of MotherRoad last Nov, and dropped at the 50. Is that what you were thinking?

I walked about the last 15-18 miles of Rocky. I was d-u-n after 80 or so miles. So, the first 80 went well. With better training I could do better.

There's going to be about 20-30 of us Kansans down at Rocky this year. Some running, some crewing, some pacing. I guarantee you we can help you out with the run; be it find a pacer or just to have someone to bring you a bag at some of the aid stations. I went without a pacer last year and picked one up during the race. There will be random folks whose runners dropped who may be looking to pace.

Heck, we could run that last lap together and play the alphabet game again.

I apologize for putting this terrible idea into your head.

Clara said...

Ya...I must have gotten your races mixed up. But 24hrs is still a really good time when you walked 15at the end!

My husband's gonna be annoyed when he finds out I'm considering running this race on an impulse. :) I already asked my friend about getting a credit card to earn free miles.

And ya, that'd be great to meet up with you and your friends. That alphabet game was hilarious...and so was trying not to fall and die in the dark at the end...and where did Dorn sneak off to at the end?

Unknown said...

Eh, he'll be proud of you for running 100 after-the-fact. Before the race, yeah, maybe a little annoyed.

Doron was already through three bowls of soup and halfway home by the time we were done. Important lesson learned: carry a headlamp, even when you don't think you'll need it.