Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Run for Regis 50k Race Report

Chris and I drove over to OH on Saturday and made it in time to see the awesome Colts game. Here is my corny celebration dance the morning of the race:

So as you know, I've averaged a total of about 20miles/month since last September. I thought that registering for the race back in October would have encouraged me to run but it didn't happen.

The OH trails were still covered in snow/ice/mud unlike the IN roads (I don't know about our trails since I haven't been out in awhile); similar to running in sand. I made the mistake of not wearing trail shoes, "screw-shoes", YakTrax, or even some nice socks (which, btw, I finally purchased some Injinji socks since my old $5 pair of socks are disintegrating).

I saw Dr. T at the beginning of the race. I had run with him at the first Buckeye race in 1/08 but he finished at least an hour before me this year. After mile 5 I finally got to meet Rob and we ran together for about 6 miles. Then I met up with Shannon, whom I had seen at a few races in the past, and I stayed 2 feet behind her for about 18 miles. After the marathon I was tempted to stop but she kept me going and I'm glad I did.

So anyway, the course itself wasn't too difficult. There were a handful of climbs that we walked up but for the most part, it was fine. I think I prefer the old Buckeye Trail because it's a little prettier and a little more challenging (from what I recall). (Regarding the "pretty" aspect, I actually couldn't tell too much how pretty this new course was because I was focused on my feet for literally the entire time, trying not to fall. Back hurts a little bit from trying to balance so much.)

I finished in 7 hrs 10 minutes; a very slow race! I now realize that I shouldn't keep this style of training up anymore. My knee hurt pretty bad afterwards and was swollen and made me empathize for those that have bad knee problems. Thankfully it's all better now but I don't want to ruin myself completely.

(Ignore my hair wings. I just ran 31-33miles (discrepancy exists))

Thanks to Dr. T for the pics! Go Colts!!!!!

Below's a beautiful video of my nasty feet. I had to post it because they're just so gross and uncurable.

I believe the next race for me will be Dances With Dirt- Gnawbone 50mi in May. This is too hard of a course to not be prepared for so I'll start training in 1-2 months. :)


Bob - said...

lol colts video

Congrats on your race ie-training :-) said...

Nice job! I think I saw you out there, I just did the half. THe icy conditions stunk.

Brian said...

Congratulations on finishing the race!

That first video is hilarious: "hahaha turn it off"

I like how you describe your toenails as "uncurable". You just plain gave up on them LOL. Small price to pay I guess.

Good job!

Clara said...

Thanks y'all! Go Colts!!!

DrT said...

Nice job finishing the 53K under these conditions!

Brian said...

Nice job Clara!

Running 2 Mohican said...

Waiting for the training reports. LOL

Running 2 Mohican said...

Waiting for the training reports. LOL