Saturday, July 24, 2010

Morning run and off to camp

Last night I knew I wouldn't want to run this morning so I made a bet with Brian that at 5:10am today I had to be running and I had to run 12 miles, otherwise I had to pay him $80. It was my only motivation.

So I went out in the dark to the canal alone this morning. I felt a little scared in the beginning and then it just became awkward because I ran by so many couples making out on the benches. Anyway, it was NASTY hot out and my clothes were so soaked. I had brought some extra water in a bottle and put it next to some flowers. I saw it each time I did a loop of the canal until the very last loop; it was gone. :( Some maintenance guy probably threw it away, even though I didn't see it in the trash. Ohhh well.

This afternoon I'm heading off to camp again for a week so this is it until August. It'll be a low mileage week yet again. I plan to just run 2-3 miles each morning with the kids.

Until next time...


Brian said...

LOL, I'm glad our bet worked for at least something. I would have been ticked if my water got thrown away. Next year we need to change our bet a little so that we can't exploit any loopholes!

Clara said...

Well...I guess our bet helped a tiny bit until my genius mind thought of that dang loophole. Crap. I somehow still managed to maintain my weight the whole week; must have been all that sweatin!