Monday, February 7, 2011

Ahhh---Mohican Again!!

Well crap- I just went out on a limb and registered for the 100 mile Mohican again. Scary! I guess that means I won't be attempting Kettle Moraine's 100 miler this year on June 4th. Oh well, I wasn't a huge fan of that course anyway.

So I know I had tons of blister problems during Mohican '09 but I think I can come into this race prepared now and finish it out! I will change my shoes and socks OFTEN (I think I only changed them once in '09), even though it'll make my time even slower, and I already know the course and made it up to 80 miles, and I already have a 100 under my belt...

The difference this year will be that I won't be going with a pacer and that means I might be in the scary dark by myself, which would suck because I'd be thinking of ghosts the whole time and also I would be more likely to get lost. Oh well, I guess. I hope the determination to finish this one is enough to keep me going.

It's scary signing up for a race four months in advance but at least they offer 1/2 refunds up thru May. Here we come, MI!

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