Friday, February 4, 2011

Spain and Running Slacking

I made it back from my short trip in Spain last Thursday and had a pretty good time. I didn't make it out for any runs but I kept to my bet and did random exercises in the hotel room. Hope no one saw me. Here are some pics from my trip:

La Plaza Mayor:

Flamenco dancing:

Random bar:

Yummy paella:

So anyway, once again I'm writing to say that I didn't meet my 2011 goals in January. I keep forgetting that I made those, dangit. I'm still hopeful.

And nope, due to the traveling, ice storm, and overall laziness I haven't run in a couple of weeks and I have DWD-Green Swamp 50 miles coming up in a week. Ouch. At least I think it'll be a fun race so that will make up for lack of endurance.


sparlingville bill said...

Que chevere que has ido a espana. Te gusto?Fuiste a varias ciudades?
No te preocupes de que no has practicado lo suficiente para DWD. Recuerdate de DWD Hell en 2009, cuando fuiste sin correr nada, y te resulto una gran baile con el suelo.
Vas a ganar, chica.

Erika Peterson said...

50 miles? Ouch is right. The farthest I've ever run was a marathon and I'm not sure if I could do much more than that :)

Clara said...

Hola Bill-

Sí, me gustó bastante. No tuvimos la oportunidad de viajar a otras ciudades pero tal vez la próxima vez. Gracias por el ánimo en FL! :)

Erika- You'd be surprised how the endurance comes easily after you've done a marathon. Sign up for a 50k (on trail, helps) and you'll be committed.