Sunday, March 24, 2013

Louisville Lovin' The Hills 50k

I typically don't like paying for 50ks either (I'm cheap, I guess) but this race is actually one I would do again. It was awesome to do everything in one day- drive two hours in the morning, run, then drive home.

I thought this race was going to be super easy- I've done hard hills before (Mohican, Gnaw Bone) and so I figured I could tackle whatever hills they had in KY, especially for just 31 miles. Nope.

There were only a handfull of hills during the first 10 miles and I ran super fast; felt great. Then around mile 11 or 12 I hit a wall. All the big hills started coming and it sucked. Relentless, non-stop. I wanted to quit and I may have had I been in Indy, but I made myself keep going. Those hills beat Gnaw Bone's and Tecumseh's.

I've been doing CrossFit about 5-7 times a week since last November and that seems to be my main exercise with running as my "cross training", running 0-2 times a week. So anyway, I had a lot of confidence that my overall improved fitness would outweigh my lack of running and I'd still have a good race. I ran the first 10 miles fast, passing a lot of people, thinking that my idea about training was right. Well when I hit the wall shortly after, I went through this huge mental battle wondering if I've been wrong and naive all along. I was really confused and discouraged.

So luckilyyy at around mile 19,  I got another wind and felt like my old self again. I had energy and motivation to keep going and I finished strong. So who knows about my training regimen but oh well; my second wind convinced me to just keep doing what I'm doing. I got 4th place among females- of course I wanted at least 3rd but asi es.

Was a good day- good weather, beautiful out, nice to get miles in for February. Will do it again.

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Run for Chocolate said...

Wow you are a runner! Those are a lot of miles completed!