Monday, June 15, 2009

Mohican Countdown

Woooohoooo! I did a whoppin 8 miles last week. I tell ya what, I should never taper. Whenever I think of tapering I think, "Sweet, I no longer have to run at all". Anyway, I'm feeling good still and gettin pumped for this weekend. I can't believe the race is in 5 days!

I, of course, haven't even looked at the course, the amount of drop bags allowed, amount of aid stations, what I'm gonna wear, checklists, nothing. I still don't know how I'm gonna carry all of my food on me. I'm planning on bringing 6 Vanilla Ensure protein drinks, tropical trail mix, fruit snacks, and some blue jelly bean things.

I'm trying really hard to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. Why did I go to bed at 8:45pm last night and I still have bags under my eyes? What's up with that?


Gary Robbins said...

WOW, sounds eerily like me and Western right now, sleeping lots but still tired, no idea what my race plan is just yet, and hardly running at all...huh, sounds like a great taper to me!
Best of luck this weekend:)

Clara said...


704Studio said...

Iv'e been reading your blog and enjoying the race reports and training info you share. Good luck with your first 100 mile race, I can't wait to read about the struggle and the triumph!