Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mohican Pics/Videos

Here are a few short videos. Let me know if you know how to make that 2nd video vertical.
For the race report, click here.

Swollen feet, post-manicure:


Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

nice feet :-)

is that last video the Fire Tower?? racers have to climb that ? very cool!

Clara said...

The last video is from the Purple Loop around mile 22 or something. It started out at the Covered Bridge and then you end up there, too. I wanted to take longer video but I didn't have enough memory on the camera. It was very pretty!

UncleT said...

Hey, Clara!! What is the matter with you, you slacker?? I told everyone I know that my niece was going to run a 100 mile race and all you can do is 82.5 miles? I have been made a laughing stock and called a liar!! Only 82.5??? What? You couldn't go a measly 17.5 miles more? I mean, come ON!! That'a only 3/4 of a marathon, and you already did over 3 marathons!! Try training for the next one how 'bout?
Lots of love,
Uncle Melvin ( I had to change my name when I read you didn't finish)
P.S. Thanks for the gross pictures. It makes me want to run one some day!
(Maybe Faith and I will see you July 4th weekend).