Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Mohican Pics

  • Pics courtesy of Chris
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Thank goodness I didn't climb you, ole Fire Tower!

Mile 37:

Mile 68, wanting to quit:
Post-race Sleep:
Brave ole man:
No clean socks after pedicure so plastic bags on feet:


Unknown said...

Nice Blisters on the bottoms of your feet. Mine were just like that.
I am going to invest in a couple of pairs of these socks and see how they do. They have a Blister free guarantee and prevent your feet from getting hot spots. They are expensive but, they may be well worth it.

Chris said...

You should really invest in trail gaiters. Your socks were brown whenever we worked on your feet. Brown = dirt = grit = abrasive stuff on your feet = blisters.

And I don't think getting your feet bandaged is the same as getting a pedicure.

sparlingville bill said...

Sra Clarita,
Te deje unos pensamientos despues de tu reportaje del 22 de junio.
Fuera de eso, yo creo que las fundas plasticas son mejores que medias caras, debes ponertelas para bailes con lodo. Te veo ahi, si no antes.

Clara said...

Hola Bill,

Gracias por tus comentarios y felicidades en tu última carrera!! Qué bueno! Tan rápido- ay ay ay! Pues de Woodstock...Qué hacemos? Corremos la carrera de DWD Hell o corremos Woodstock dos semanas después?? Dime lo que piensas y te veré pronto! Siga corriendo.

Nick/Chris- Yes, good ideas. I definitely will invest in those things before my next race.