Monday, July 6, 2009

Burnt Out!

Ahhhhhh!!!! I've been such a bad blogger lately. Thank you all very much for your comments; I'm sorry I haven't responded to them! I have not run once since the race and I've been lovin it. I've been no blog, no running-related emails, nothing. I think I'm just burnt out from all of the race training and such (I know, I didn't ever really train...but there was still the exhausting guilt from it).

So who knows...maybe after another 2 week break, I'll be up and running again. No DWD Devil's Lake 50miler for me. I hope to be up and going for the Fall races.

I played tennis a couple of times last week and I swear that my heartbeat was faster in the first 15 minutes than it ever was after running 20+ miles. It was good to do little sprints and switch it up a little bit.

We'll keep in touch...just taking a little break for now.


Unknown said...

I have been the same way. I think we are coming down from Mohican.
I've had a bad last couple of weeks.

Hang in and start training for the Fall races.

Brian said...
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Brian said...

I thought this was cool:

Sorry for the double post, I forgot to enclose it in link tags.

sparlingville bill said...

Sra Clarita,
Aunque nos has rechazado por dos semanas, y aunque has botado en el suelo nuestros felicitaciones y comentarios, te amamos todavia.

Clara said...

Brian- Why were you looking at :)
I've been wanting to do that Great Wall of China marathon- that'd be so awesome.

Bill- jajaja. pues, muchas gracias hombre! Estuve muy preocupada.

Brian said...

Haha, that particular article was linked to from I don't normally read it :)