Friday, May 21, 2010

.6 Miles in the books

It's hard to believe that it's almost been two months since I stopped running. I had to miss my fav DWD race and also the upcoming Kettle race. :(

I've been going to physical therapy 2x/wk for the past few weeks and I think it's helping. The therapist narrowed the injury down to the adductor magnus muscle. Sooo we've been working on some hip/thigh/glute strengthening and been doing a lot of balance exercises that I suck at. The hard thing will be to keep the exercises up after my leg is healed. Although I know they will prevent further injuries (knock), I don't know if I'll have enough motivation.

So for the first time I got on the treadmill and was able to run .5 miles at a slow 9:50 pace. It didn't hurt but I was aware of the muscle. I took a break and then did another .1 miles and then stopped so that I don't jack it up more.



Brian said...

Man that really sucks. It will be really hard to keep up with the exercises after it stops hurting and you think you're back to normal, but coming form someone who has re-injured his ankle 10+ times I would reiterate that it's definitely worth it. If only I had let it heal correctly the first time, I probably never would have had to worry about it again. Now it makes a loud pop with almost every step I take.

Good luck with your healing process! Keep on truckin'.

Clara said...

Gracias Brian!! Good to remember.