Thursday, May 27, 2010

1 Mile Run!

Made it one mile on the treadmill yesterday at about an 8:50 pace. It wasn't totally pain free- felt a tinnny bit of pain and some pressure. Oh well...slowly but surely.


Jeff said...

Sorry to hear about your aches! Make sure to ease back into it like you're doing. I've strained my quad a couple times and it sounds nagging like this. It was hard to decide when I should get back into running. I lifted to strengthen it and it worked both times. Of course I never kept up the exercises after it got better both times so it eventually came back. Keep up the strength exercises and hopefully you're back on the trail soon!

Clara said...

It's good to hear from different runners that easing into the mileage helps and that I need to keep up the exercises. Hopefully that will convince me because I definitely don't want my running career to end so soon! I just saw some upcoming DWD races in July and Sept that I hope to be ready for!!

DrT said...