Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving & Black Friday Run

Happy post Thanksgiving! Did you eat lots of delicious foods? Run any? Jon texted yesterday morning and canceled our 5am 10 mile run because it was rainy/windy/cold out. I still wanted to go because I ate like crap on Wednesday night (did you know a 24oz bottle of Coke has 290 calories and 78 grams of sugar??? That's a candy bar, at least! I never drink Coke but I bought some and hot dang, that's a full meal!) and I knew yesterday's diet wouldn't be any better. So, I kept sleeping and got up at 7:30am and made it out for my 10 mile run. It was raining some but 50 degrees and it felt nice.

Then because we're psycho, we went running this morning at 4:45am and made it 16 miles in the freeezing cold! It was 24 degrees out and since I normally wear shorts and a jacket in 35 degrees, I figured that wind pants/jacket/baseball cap/light $1 gloves would suffice. I have a fear of overdressing and then getting too hot and having to carry the extra layers with you. But nope! From the get go my ears were freezing and same with my poor fingers. I kept telling myself I wouldn't die from cold hands but it sucked. I had brought my water bottle (which was pointless since I didn't drink more than four ounces the whole time) and it stunk carrying it the whole time with my fingers exposed. When I got home I thought my knuckles were going to break off and die.

Uhh! I have some better gloves that I'll wear next time but I think my fingers still get cold in them. I don't think even the most expensive pair would help because your little fingers are still hanging out there alone. I need mittens. I think I might waste some money on those hand warmers and bring them for 10+ mile runs.

Oh well. It was nice knowing that I burnt off some of those dessert calories.

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