Thursday, December 2, 2010

Updates: WS Race, Mini-Marathon, This Week's Mileage

Aiight...let's see.

Western States: I decided not to enter the lottery. My heart wasn't in it yet. Maybe someday. (and...I don't want to die from a mountain lion)

Indianapolis Mini-Marathon: Back in the day my dad, sis, uncle, cousin, neighbor, and whoever else would run this race each year. I haven't run it in the past five years or so but for old times' sake, I told my cousin that I would run it with her next year (5/7/11) if she wanted to give it a shot. So, on the last day before the prices jacked up even higher, she told me she registered and so I did likewise. I still can't believe I paid almost $60 for a 13 mile race but oh well. It'll be fun. (I hope to still run Gnawbone the following weekend).

This Week's Mileage: It succccks so far. Only eight measly miles from Monday.
Tuesday: I backed out of the morning run because I was lazy and said I was too tired
Wednesday: Jon and I were both at home ready to go but we didn't make it out because my phone was all messed up and so we couldn't get in touch with each other to confirm. Isn't that dumb? We only live a few blocks away.

I bet my friend Anna that I had to run eight miles after work or else I owed her a 15 minute
massage but when I left work, it was wayyy too windy and cold so I said "screw it".

This morning: Jon cancelled because he's sick. Ohhhh well...I'm at least maintaining some endurance so I'm fine. I did Zumba Tuesday, Wednesday, and will tonight. Woohoo!

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