Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Cold!

Jon and I took off all of last week from running except for Monday. I could tell I was eating worse and just lazier because I was out of the mood. Dangit.

So this morning we got back at it and went out at 5:05am for eight miles. I guess it was the coldest morning in the past 11 months- 11 degrees out with wind chill of -1 or so. So, I put on some tights and wind pants and then a spandex shirt with winter jacket and a headband. Ugh! Way too many clothes to be running in. I felt like a fat marshmellow who could barely bend their limbs and the junk food from last night didn't help at all. Then you get home with frozen hair and a red body. Oh well. I'm hoping for at least five days of running this week!


UncleT said...

That's my crazy running niece!! Keep it up, Clara, and you'll turn Jon off to running forever!!

sparlingville bill said...

hola sra.,
bigfoot fue lindo.

greydawn said...

you inspire! dang running in the frozen air.. I better never say its cold again!!