Tuesday, December 7, 2010

8 Miles on Treadmill

Jon's knee started hurting yesterday during our cold run (probably because of the cold...) so he took this morning off. I bet Anna again that I had to run eight miles on the treadmill today after work or I had to give her a five minute massage for every mile I didn't do (bets are the only things that work in my life).

So, I got on the dang treadmill and already took a break after three miles. I just can't make it on that thing. Then I had to go to the bathroom so that was another break after four miles. Then I considered quitting but I knew I didn't feel like giving Anna a 20 minute massage (it would have really been 35 minutes because I already owe her 15 minutes from the last bet I lost). So then I did two more miles...then a break...then considered quitting, but finally made it to eight miles because good ole Wheel of Fortune came on and kept me through the end. Woohoo!

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The Seven Zolls said...

How did the miles go this week?
Next week is going to be freaking cold.