Friday, April 22, 2011

Runs Recap, Bernie, Fish Oil/Pain

1) Runs Recap:
I just ran one mile last Sunday; didn't run Monday; was going to run Tuesday + Wednesday in the a.m. but didn't get to because the b-n-law couldn't; and I FINALLY ran 12 miles yesterday (which is sad that it only averages out to four miles the past three days).

I have a 45 minute commute home from work each day. It's crazy that from the first 40 minutes, I am thinking about the run I'm going to do and how many great miles I'll finish and so on. Right at minute 41, one mile before my exit to my running path, I think about how great it would be to go home, sleep, clean the house, watch TV, and not run. Ugh! I always do that...I'll get right to the exit and then say "screw it...I'm not running".

Well that all happened yesterday but somehow I at least made it off the exit to the running path. I parked the car and just sat there. I debated not running again for like three minutes, even though it was beautiful out and there were lots of people out exercising. Ugh.

So, I texted Bernie and begged for help and motivation. Before I heard back from him, I somehow made myself get outside and start running (I was probably thinking about the cinnamon roll I wanted to eat when I got home and I knew I'd feel better if I ran).

Bernie texted back and forced me to keep running. He was just starting his run, too, so we agreed to do 12 miles. Somehow that tiny little text to a person in another city was enough to make me keep running; it changed my mentality immediately. Woohoo! That's what I'll have to do everyday now.

3) Fish Oil/Pain
So a couple weeks ago my cousin said she was having similar knee pain as me. She said she was told to take fish oil to help it. So, I took fish oil, too, for like two days and then just got lazy and stopped. Well I'll be darned, the other day she said she doesn't have anymore knee pain.

Caca. Why didn't I keep up the fish oil? So, I think I'm on day four of taking it again three times a day and yesterday my knee didn't hurt at all. I doubt it has a ton to do with the fish oil, but I'll try anything.

However, my dang calves were sore since I switched my stride last Saturday. Whoops. I know you're not supposed to change your stride but I don't care...I'd rather have my calves be sore than my knees. err?


Unknown said...

Oh yes that little voice in our heads that says "don't run, clean" who the heck wants to clean.... I have the same problem. My new thing is that from the time I leave work till the time I get home about 25 minutes I'm not allowed to think about anything. I walk in the house (no thinking) put on my cloths, shoes, and head out the door (still no thinking allowed) then I just start running and aaahhhh I can think again. LOL
Glad to now I'm not the only one that goes through this!!!

Clara said...

Sounds like you're pretty tough and got a good system down. No, you're not alone! :)

Unknown said...

I'm sure it's the fish oils that did the trick! I'm taking them oil too. Before I used to have joint pains especially on the knees, but all that disappeared, thanks to fish oil supplements!

By the way, I truly support anything to do with fish oils, so I invite you to check out my blog at Thanks!