Monday, April 25, 2011

Wet 8 Miles

Woke up tired this morning at 4:50am and had weird dreams last night so I was out of it and did not want to run with Jon at 5am. Was tempted to cancel but thank goodness I didn't. We went out in the rain and ran eight miles and it felt great.

I was disappointed to have only run 38 miles last week but oh well. I'm definitely going to try to spread out my miles this week...maybe run six more tonight.

Jon and my sister are going to HI on Wednesday and I'm gonna get my feet wet with what it's like to have kids. I'll be watching their three kids on Wednesday and Thursday. I was planning out my miles for this week yesterday and already realized that I probably won't be able to run those two days. I could run in the morning before the kids wake up but Jon will be gone and so I'm not gonna go by myself in the dark...and then when my hubby gets home from work, I don't want to make him stay with the kids alone during dinner time while I go run.

Ahh! It'll be hard when I have kids but I'll have to work out something. Anyway...I know I have it good right now with all my free time; that's all I'm trying to say.

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