Friday, February 8, 2008

Big one before the race

Chris and I are going to try to get one long run in before the March 8th race. We really don't like to run on pavement anymore, but we want to be accurate on our distance and we'd like a change of scenary. We're probably going to run from home to downtown, run up 10th street on the White River trail and then come back on the Monon, maybe run on the canal, and then run home. If we do the canal, it'll be about 24.9 miles. If we don't, 22.4. Maybe we'll do the canal, and then continue at Rhodius to make it a marathon. I can't believe that's the only path we used to run on, just as of like December 2007! We used to do 4-5 hour runs on that same boring paved flat path, over and over.

My very first trail run was the Tecumseh Marathon on December 1st. I had never run on many hills before and had never been on a trail. That was the most awesome marathon and even though your time will be slower, trail running is way better than on pavement. So- I will probably be sore tomorrow after the hard pounding. Hopefully it won't be freezing.

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