Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ready for the 60K?

I have run two times (and only of three miles each) in the past 7-9 days. Is that bad? I ran 24 miles a couple of weeks ago and then just took a big break. I know I'll still have the endurance in me (knock on wood) for the race in a couple of weeks, but will my body feel out of it since I haven't been running regularly lately? I sure as heck hope not. Could a taper consist of just not running for 7 days? Sure.
I'll probably run 3-6 miles tomorrow and then maybe a 1 hour run this Saturday. I'll get a hill and sprint workout, too, but I just hope that I'll be fine. I've never run more than 32 miles and I hope this new distance will be fun and not kill me.

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