Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back up and running...

I went out yesterday for the first time since Columbus Marathon. I started running and just wasn't in the mood to do so, so I walked/ran/walked/ran for a little bit. I decided to do some hill repeats and then I did only about 5 45 second sprints.

Why do I hate sprints? It was seriously super hard for me to make it 45 seconds; I kept looking at my stopwatch. Do any of you have any advice for doing sprints? Will it be easier if I go to a track to do them? I bet doing a 45 second sprint doesn't even do anything for's too short of a distance.

Instead of doing a sprint, should I just run a little faster than normal but not super fast? I think I hate them because I don't like pushing myself to run really fast for that long of a time (yes, 45 seconds is a long time). So maybe if I just run a little slower I'll enjoy them more, but then does it defeat the purpose? Ay ay ay


Running 2 Mohican said...

I think you are correct on revisiting your sprints. Intervals and tempo runs you should explore and learn more about. Train for what you plan to run. There may be times that 45 second or 200 -300 meter sprints may be just right. Other times you may be needing 1 mile repeats or 1/2 mile repeats at 10k pace when a different day it may be at 5k pace or marathon pace. Many variables to explore and to learn about when developing your training plan to follow. You have been doing great but I imagine you are capable of even faster times in a marathon than you can think of right now in your mind.

Clara said...

I'm sure I could push myself and run a lot faster than I do now...I just need to make myself train better.

I definitely need to learn more about sprints and how to do them. I tried looking online a little bit but didn't get very far. Do you know of any articles/resources off the top of your head?

I actually don't know what type of spriting would be good for me...I just run marathons or longer about once every 1.5 mths...some on trail, some it's hard to say what distance I should sprint. Maybe just start low and keep building up?