Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Boston Marathon More Pain Than Gain?

I'm still trying to finalize my plans for Boston and decide on plane tickets, housing, etc. I asked my dad if he'd be interested in going with me and said, "Are you sure that's not the weekend of Pascha?". Dangit! We checked a calendar and sure enough, Pascha is April 19th! I'll be darned!

Technically we celebrate Pascha on Saturday night, April 18th...so I could try to find a church out there and attend the service. I'd sleep in all day Sunday, wake up for the Expo, sleep, and then run the race on Monday. That seems like a dud...but it might have to happen.

My dad also reminded me that out of all the huge cities he's driven in before, Boston was the most difficult to navigate around. He said he was lost many times and the roads are all weird.

Is this true? How do 25,000+ runners/fans survive Boston each year when the majority of them are from other states/countries? Do they just take taxis everywhere? Any advice/enouragment?


Anonymous said...

Public transit.

Anonymous said...


I hear driving in Boston is horrible. Just cab (or bus) to wherever you are staying and then take the subway the rest of the time.

Clara said...

Oh boy, that'll be an adventure. Thanks for the link. I'm going to have to leave like 2 hrs early for each place to make sure I don't get lost or miss my stop.

How about I pay you $3 to figure everything out for me? Come on...you're good at that stuff!