Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A good, wet run

I finally ran yesterday for the first time since the Akron Marathon (and I wonder why it's hard for me to qualify for Boston...). I should have been studying but I had to take advantage of the rainy weather; and my next race,the Columbus Marathon, is approaching quickly.

I ran about 5.5 miles at about a 7:35 pace and hope to get out there again this afternoon. Since I know you're all interested, during my run I felt a gnat go right down my throat and it felt like it was stuck there. It was gross and made me start coughing a lot. For the rest of my run and even when I got home, I kept coughing because it felt like I hadn't swallowed it completely. Sure enough, after coughing a million times, that darn little gnat came up in my spit. Isn't that gross? I've never actually brought an insect back up- that should be a talent.


sparlingville bill said...

Are you going to be with a group at a certain pace at Columbus?

Clara said...

Hola Bill! todavia no he decidido si voy a correr con un grupo o no. ay ay ay. quiero terminar con un tiempo de 3:40. puedes caminar en esta velocidad? podemos ir juntos, yo corriendo y tu caminando! :)

cual es tu dirrecion de correo electronico? (a menos que no me quieras decir por este blog...entiendo)

y bien hecho (!!!) con tu ultima carrera- de North Country Trail (o algo). Queria correrlo pero no podia.

Clara said...

Felicidades Bill!!!! Estuviste la tercera persona para terminar la carrera!! Bien hecho! Te divertiste? Yo mucho!