Saturday, March 28, 2009


I need some encouragement/words of wisdom/motivation or some strong criticism or slap in the face to wake me up!

Ever since I've been running on my HALF-hilly 6 mile course, I've felt super slow and tired and weak. I've been running a lot slower on this course (maybe 9-10 minute miles compared to 7-8) and it's messing with me mentally. It seems like even though I've been running regularly for over a year now, my training has backtracked or something.

I ran the course 1 time yesterday and it was seriously hard for me to finish it and I was super out of breath. This morning I was planning on running it 3 times, for a total of 18 miles, and I stopped at 12 (even though I knew I would regret it and that I should just keep on going). I think I ran the 12 miles today at a 9:40 pace or something close- YUCK!

I need someone to tell me that it will all be okay and that I will be ready for Boston and I need someone to give me tips or SOMETHING. All of this could just be that I am NEVER mentally tough (and it's hard running by yourself) and so if I just shut up and think about something else during my runs, I'd be fine and we could disregard this whole post. However, if that's not the case...then what is it?

  • Too much training and it's making me too tired? (doubtful!)
  • Not enough [consistent] training?
  • Other non-running-related factors (lack of sleep??)
  • I don't want it bad enough- lack of passion to push myself?
  • I'm just not used to training on hills (even though they're small) and so I'll be "normal" again in a few weeks?

Help me get back in gear mentally and stop thinking negatively and get my butt back in racing shape!


Running 2 Mohican said...


My 2 cents worth. I went back to the first of Feb looking at your training. I have not seen any intervals/sprints or speed work. Jan 20th? With exception of the soccer player thing the other day.

Your numbers for weekly miles have dropped since Feb, some due to weather and life. Remember weather!

Hmmm, Oh yea, you also have been training for distance trail runs i.e. 100 miles. This will make you slower. We all are not awsome gods of running like Anton.

Create a training plan daily and weekly. Each training has a purpose for a long term goal. Hill,s speed work, long runs, recovery runs how many days a week etc. Follow it. Post it on your blog so we can hold you accountable.

I am lucky because I have local runners to help hold me accountable. Don and Michelle have become my two greatest assets! Michelle has been my best speed training and has taken my training to a next level. Soem day I will do speed work.

Understand that marathon training and ultra training is two different things.

A 12 min per mile pace in a 100 miler makes you great! A 12 min mile in a marathon is not the result you want.

Fools 50K will be hard to compare a marathon pace as it will be a hard course. But it will be a great training course so train it. Hills and steady to help with Boston.

I raced my race last weekend; I am training Fools 50k. There is a difference. Pick one or two races a year as your goals and the others are training runs. It sucks to watch others fly off but it pays off on your goal races.

Make Boston a fun race! You are freaking there or going there. Take in the sights sounds and ability to say that you were there and what a blast it was. The night before and after Boston party like a rock star cause you are there!

Jeff said...

Like Rob said, a couple of your past weeks haven't been really high in mileage, so you may be feeling a little sluggish. When I ran it, my mileage stayed in the 20-30 miles/week range mostly because I was lazy and just happy to be running Boston. The only week I ran 40 miles was because of a 50K I ran.

You seem to have done alot more training than I did so you should be fine! It'd probably be good to get a faster long run in before the race and then give yourself time to taper to go in fresh.

Heartbreak Hill really broke me but it was just from the lack of training since my sister handled it pretty well.

I qualified with a 3:09 and decided to enjoy myself and run with my sister. I finished with a 3:42, considerably slower, but I didn't care! Nobody ever asks you what your time was at Boston.

One more word of advice - the beginning is downhill for quite awhile so don't get carried away. Hold back and save it for the hills later on. After you get over Heartbreak, you can let it loose and run harder.

sparlingbill said...

Hola Sra. Clarita'
Estoy de acuerdo con Jeff sobre el asunto de como se trata el maraton de Boston. El Hecho de participar en la carrera es todo lo importante. Vas a ver maravillas que nunca vas a olvidar, y la mejor manera de disfrutar no es de matarte entrenando. Te aconsejo descansar unos tres dias seguidos la proxima semana, y despues atacar tus seis millas de cuestas. Acuerdate que estos son los consejos de un veterano que no tiene tu nivel de energia, pero para mi siempre me ayuda descansar (no correr, nisiquiera despacio) un par de dias cuando siento despacio o osioso. Me hace ajustar la mente un poco y comenzar fresco.
Buena suerte en Boston, pero no te preocupes sobre cuanto tiempo necesitas para cumplir la carrera, sino que cantidad de gusto sacas.

Nick B said...

I haven't seen anyone mention nutrition yet. If I eat like garbage, I run like garbage. Not just the night before, either. It's your overall diet during the week. Is it healthy? I changed everything back a few years ago and it made a huge difference. Drinking plenty of water day in and day out? I carry a gallon of water everywhere I go. I get strange looks but I stay hydrated, too.

Clara said...

Thank you guys for writing; seriously!

Rob- Great idea on planning out my actual training and putting it on my blog so that I'm "exposed". Since my weekly mileage has dropped, I've regretted putting my miles on my blog because the descrease embarrasses me. Instead, I should use it as a motivator.

No, I haven't done any speed training because there's something about it that makes me think I'm not working out. If I don't run a lot of miles on a day and instead I just do small sprints, I think that I didn't do enough. I know that is wrong though.

I WANT to take in Boston and enjoy every minute of it. It's that STUPID bet that my boss put on between me and that fast guy that is getting me all worried for nothing. I wish I could just ignore the bet, not try to run Boston fast, and enjoy myself...However, my stupid ego's getting in the way. I'm working on that.

Bill- Muchas gracias por tu ayuda y consejo! Buena idea...debo descanar (las piernas y la mente) un poco y despues, correr bastante bien!

Nick- Thanks to Lent I have been eating better the past month or so...however, I NEVER drink water (maybe 2-3 cups a day, max). I'm trying to improve that. I did a random blood study the other day and found out I'm super low on potassium and sodium and may be anemic. Can I blame my sluggishness on that?? :) Now that I found that out, I'm going to take your advice for ultras- boiled potatoes!

Thanks to all of you and please keep holding me accountable. I need it.

Another question- When should I start tapering for the Boston (which is April 20th) and when I'm tapering, how many miles should I be running?