Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Revitalization- 12 Miles

Yesterday's goal was to run 6 miles, 10 hill repeats, and then do 10 minutes of abs. When I got to the park yesterday, I measured the distance of that hill and it turns out it was .5 miles long. I forgot that after you run up .5 miles, you have to come back down .5 miles and so I knew it would take forever to finish 10 reps. I needed a bike or something to take me down.

Sooo...I ran 2 miles of my course, stopped and did 6 hill repeats (running up and down) and then finished the 4 remaining miles of the loop. I seriously felt SO GOOD while I was running yesterday. It was awesommmme weather out and for some reason I was energized- thank goodness! I needed that boost yesterday.

I thought that at the end of my hill repeats I'd start running slower and slower but I surprisingly just got stronger and stronger. I finally knew I could conquer that stupid, huge hill that I always hated. I then finished the night out with 10 minutes of abs.

This afternoon I'll run 12 miles and then try to finish up the remaining 4 hill repeats.

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