Tuesday, March 24, 2009

12 Mile Run

I ran 12 miles yesterday on a course that actually had some hills on it. The hills weren't even big but they kicked my butt. Dangit! I'm going to try to keep running the same path to get ready for Boston that's in FOUR WEEKS! I'm getting a little nervous...only because of that bet that my boss put on. Yikes!!! I'm going to try to do some sprints today after work to get the legs moving a little bit more.


Jeff said...

Boston will be so much fun. I wish I was doing it this year! Are you going to wear any anti-Boston/New England stuff?? When my sister and I ran it, we were confused when we heard people booing at one point. But then we looked ahead and saw this guy dressed as a Yankees player haha!

Clara said...

I was always thinking of wearing a Colts shirt but now I'm second guessing myself. I think it'd be fun to get people mad...but on the other hand, I might prefer for people to cheer me on so I can run faster. Haha. Did you have your name on your shirt or anything when you ran it?

Jeff said...

No I didn't..that's a good idea though! I had fun giving the kids high fives, kissing the girls at Wesley College, and drinking beer at mile 22. I have a feeling you might enjoy 2 of those 3 :p