Friday, February 12, 2010

12 Miles!

Wow...stating that I'm going to run the next day actually works. I ran 12 miles today at the canal on a 3 mile loop in 1:46. My music battery died so it was just me and my thoughts...pretty relaxing. It was nice and sunny out, too.

I now have one complaint about the injinji socks. After being outside for only a couple minutes, my toes were painfully cold. I couldn't even feel them and was about to stop. They need to put some kind of warning label on their product so no one sues them. joke.

Anyway, I felt pretty good running but it sucked afterwards because I was so dang hungry. I had only eaten a little egg white before running and 4 hours had passed so it was lunch time but still; my stomach hurt so bad from hunger that it made me not wanna run. Why does that happen? I didn't eat during the run since it was only 12 miles but perhaps I should have. (Maybe I just need to shut up. There's people starving all over and this is the one time I feel hunger)

Speaking of eating, tomorrow night I'm getting Greek for dinner so now I have to be careful about how much I run so I don't go all crazy like the last
times...maybe just a few miles in the morning will do.

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